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Scion xD Review: 2008 Scion xD:Redesign for todays youth

The Scion xD does not have any predecessors worth much applause, unless you consider the shocking xB model that won praise on every road. But the 2008 Xd definitely has some surprises up its sleeve. The car is like a blank drawing sheet that can be customized. Of course, the costs add up, but this car can be made into an efficient though small family wagon for around-town travel. Comfortable and safe, this car has a distinctive presence that cannot be ignored.
For starters, the 1.8 liter engine performs well for everyday riving, but might not suit the purpose of fun drives. The car is a little low on stamina, though. The engine gives a buzz when pushed to limits, but the automatic transmission is very good and provides good acceleration. The latest 4 door hatchback is not quite competition enough as compared to other cars, yet it offers decent value for money. Though the car seems Spartan with respect to comfort features, you can always purchase the optional packages or get your dealer to put in special utilities for a slight extra cost. The 5-Door Wagon is the only trim for 2008. Though some reviewers are harsh on the car, this small wagon is economical and decent in design. The interiors are not royal, but suffice for average comfort. The styling of the model has been enhanced this time and the car looks sleek.
The aggressive looking body has good interior space that is much better than that on paper, but the cargo hold is small. The masculine looking exteriors are a relief to many users who detest the pretty styling of present cars. The boxy style is impressive, and the car feels bigger than how it looks on the exterior. In all, the car scores a decent 7 on 10.

Engine: 3 out of 5….. 1.8L I4 is good enough for most drivers. Noisy at times but acceleration and fuel economy are reasonable.

Transmission: 3 out of 5…. The manual transmission could do with redesigning.
Handling: 3 out of 5… good brakes and steering. Automatic transmission works well.
Safety: 4 out of 5 … wide range of sophisticated safety equipment that passes crash tests easily. Safety is definitely not overlooked in this wagon.

Value 4 out of 5… $14,000 is very less for this efficient family wagon with sturdy styling, convenient and comfortable.
Tech Specs
Body: available in one trim, the 2008 Scion xD is a 4-door and 5-passenger small wagon.
Engine: 1.8 liter I4 128 HP engine
Transmission: standard 5-speed manual transmission with overdrive, optional 4-speed automatic transmission with overdrive

Torque: 125 at 4400 (ft-lbs)
Power: 128 hp at 6000 rpm
Tires: 16 inch, radial, passenger tires, front independent and rear semi-independent suspension.
Verdict: great car with a powerful presence, dominating in style, convenience, safety and comfort. This is one car that you cannot ignore.
For: powerful presence, rigid stance, safety and reliability. Great exteriors, good automatic transmission.
Against: transmission and tires could do with improvement. Basic features minimal and too much customization ups the cost.

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