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Salvage Cars Sold Cheap At Georgia Car Auctions

There are always salvage car sold cheap at George car auctions and they can prove to be a great deal as long as you know you are doing.  Getting a great deal at a salvage auction is a little different than at an auction with clean title cars.  This is largely because there are more variables to consider.  Here is a closer look at what to expect from salvage cars sold cheap at Georgia car auctions and how to give yourself the best chances of making a good choice.

The most important thing to remember is what you are getting with a salvage car.  Unlike cars with a clean title, there is always going to be damage that you will need to repair.  Salvaged vehicles are any vehicle that an insurance company has totaled.  While this is most often because it was in an accident, it could also be because of theft, floods, fire, hail, or a variety of other circumstances.  At most Georgia car auctions, you will be told why the car was totaled if it was due to fire, flood, or hail, but that is about it.

In order to be successful buying salvage cars sold cheap at Georgia car auctions, you need to be able to assess how much damage will need to be repaired.  Once you do this, you should add that cost into your bidding budget.  This will ensure that you get a high value vehicle.  At the same time, there could be damage which is peripheral, so that you don’t necessarily need to fix it and still get your car back on the road.  Finally, you should always consider how much it will cost to get all of the state required tests.  Anytime you fix a salvage car, it will have to pass a series of state tests to ensure that it is road-worthy.

To give you an edge, here is a look at a few recent Georgia auction results that featured salvage cars sold cheap, while still providing a solid value.  The first is a 2004 Jaguar XJ8.  The first thing to keep in mind is that there was not an accurate odometer reading, which means that it is impossible to know exactly how much it has been driven.  Even so, the winning bidder paid only $3,050 for a car that was valued at nearly $16,000.  The estimated repairs were $6,027.  In the end, the buyer will end up paying about $10,000, but that is still a savings of $6,000.  Another example is a 2010 Hyundai Genesis with 35,359 miles that sold for $4,000.  It was valued at just over $22,000 and required about $12,000 in repairs.  In total, the buyer will pay around $16,000 and still end up saving $6,000.  These examples are an excellent illustration of finding excellent value at a Georgia salvage car auction.

At the same time, a lot of people are turning to salvage auctions to save as much as possible.  This means that you are aiming to spend as little as possible on both the bid and repairs.  Here are a few auction results that will be more your style.  The first is a 2006 Dodge Charger SE.  The winning bidder paid only $1,800 and the estimated repairs were only $2,429.  This means that they will end up paying around $4,000 for a $12,000 car.  A similar example is a 2004 Mazda worth $11,000.  The bidder paid less than $2,000 and there were $6,000 worth of repairs.

As you can see, there are definitely a lot of surplus cars sold cheap at Georgia car auctions.  The key is not only focusing on your bid price, but also keeping in mind the estimated repairs that are needed.  There is no point in buying a car for $100 if it needs $10,000 worth of repairs.  However, paying $1,000 for a car that only needs $2,000 in repairs can end up being a fantastic buy.

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