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Reviewing the Pontiac G5: Test of the all new Pontiac G5

There is huge competition among car-manufacturers in trying to attract more and more buyers. To keep themselves far ahead from their competitors, almost all car manufacturers are incepting the latest technologies in their car. Thus, car-buyers are getting a wide variety of options when they desire to buy cars. Pontiac is trying to live up to its name by bringing out new cars to stay ahead of their competitors.

The 2008 Pontiac G5 Coupe is the newest offering that this reputed carmaker is launching into the automobile market. The car is packed with the latest available technologies and is sure to make it to the must-have list of all car-buyers.

All the windows in the 2008 Pontiac G5 Coupe are power windows. The window at the driver side has the additional feature of one-touch down in it. All of the windows have tinted glass from Solar-Ray along with dual-vanity mirrors. There are other features like the intermittent windshield-wipers that are sensitive to the speed of the vehicle and the defroster located at the rear window, which give the car a different identity of its own. The decor in 2008 Pontiac G5 Coupe is quite good. There are carpets in the passenger cabin and cargo area. The floor mats at both the front and rear of the car are also carpeted.

It is always desired by car users that the interior of the car should be comfortable. Keeping this desire in mind, engineers at Pontiac have provided the 2008 Pontiac G5 Coupe with manual-air conditioning. To keep the air inside the car fresh for longer duration, there is an interior air-filter too.

All the seats in the 2008 Pontiac G5 Coupe are comfortable cloth-covered seats. The seats at the front are dual-bucket ones, which can be reclined as desired and the seat at the rear is a folding 60/40 split bench one. The driver-side seat can be adjusted in 4 different ways. The height of the seat is adjustable and so is the headrest. Adjustable headrests are also provided for the rear seat along with adequate storage facilities.

The safety features in the 2008 Pontiac G5 Coupe are adequate. It is aided by the dual stage deploying airbags both for the passengers and the driver. There are sufficient features in the car that keep the car safe from any possible thefts too. Again, you will also get disc brakes at the front and drum brakes at the rear of the car. All these brakes are power brakes and they help to control the car easily.

With all these features, 2008 Pontiac G5 Coupe is slated to be a favorite amongst the car-buyers across the globe. With this pair of wheels, Pontiac is surely going to give its competitors a tough competition this time.

Tech Specs

Body: Two-door coupe

Engine: 2.2 liter I4 148 hp

Transmission: 5-speed manual (conventional) or 4-speed automatic (if desired)

Torque: 152 ft/lbs

Power: 148 hp

Tires: SBRP195/65R15 BSW


For: The sound system is good and the appearance is simply outstanding
Against: The braking system needs further improvement

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