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Review of New Saturn OUTLOOK: Style with comfort passenger car

If you have missed something sensational in the crossover car segment, then it is none other than the brand new 2008 Saturn OUTLOOK that is stealing the show. This particular Sedan does not rest on laurels of its predecessors, nor does it disappoint in any new feature. It is simply a steal deal if you could own this Saturn model. This car is a competent model that looks very sporty but gives you the feel of a comfortable luxury car. It certainly has something much better than just affordable pricing and some standard safety improvements. No, this car is a delight in most aspects and worth every dollar you pay.

The multi-passenger sports utility vehicle can easily pass off as a minivan owing to its roomy design. It emphasizes upon friendly handling and easy driving to suit today’s lifestyles. With a seating capacity of up to 8 adult passengers, this car is certainly an affordable and stylish replacement for the bulky vans that most families detest. 117 cubic ft capacity of the car makes it ideal for heavy cargo too, with a spacious cargo hold. The towing capability of about 4,500 pounds is also something to be praised sky high. Indeed, it seems as if Saturn is set to rule the roost in the minivan SUV segment. If you thought that such bulk would mean difficult handling, think again. This driver-friendly SUV takes all the pains to ensure a comfortable drive. The pickup is nothing extra ordinary, yet it is pleasing, because the car gets to 60 mph in 8.2 seconds. The 270 hp, V6 engine gives a meaty performance, with the support of a totally independent suspension and some easy handling.

The car has an all-wheel drive option, but the steering is not that satisfying. There are two trims, each with some cool features and exciting options for a little extra cash. The interiors are well0-designed but the instrument panel could do with bigger buttons. The car is focused on economy and hence, the transmission might be lacking at times but the car is a great family vehicle, though not totally exciting to drive. But on the whole, even when faced with tough competition, the OUTLOOK makes a great choice especially for more cargo and more passengers.

Engine: 3 out of 5….. quite good for a family vehicle, but not too speedy.

Transmission: 3 out of 5…. Slow downshift in the transmission.

Handling: 3 out of 5… easy but not too great

Safety: 4 out of 5 … standard and optional safety features

Value 3 out of 5… good buy at $ 32,000
Tech Specs
Body: 8 passenger seating family vehicle

Engine: 3.6 liter v6 engines that go up to 275 hp

Transmission: standard 6 speed automatic transmission

Torque: 251 at 3200 (ft-lbs)
Power: up to 275 hp at 6600 rpm (in the XR AWD)

Tires: radial passenger tires with option of AWD

Verdict: great family vehicle, ideal for large families with more cargo to carry. Good on pricing and pleasing to the eye. In all, a great buy.
For: smooth drive, dignified styling, sturdy body, spacious cabin and cargo room, great towing capability.
Against: transmission is slightly lacking and dashboard buttons aren’t easy to find and manage.

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