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Auto auctions in Columbia are the best place to find repo cars and seized cars. Both these type of cars are used cars confiscated from the owners by the law. The difference between repo cars and seized cars is that the repo cars are repossessed from the owners due to non payment of the car loan or are given up as collateral for some other loan. The seized cars are those which have been confiscated along with all other assets from the owners who are either defaulters or non payers of taxes. These cars are often in very good condition and are a sure bargain.

Other used cars available at the auto auctions in Columbia are the ones which are either salvage vehicles or are sold off by the owners who want to change their vehicle. Usually the repo cars and seized cars are in a better condition than the used cars of the latter category. This is because the owners who sell off their cars to purchase new ones often do so after using them well, while salvage cars are usually remodeled from cars wrecked in accidents.

At the same time the used cars sold at police auctions are also a good buy because these cars are confiscated from people involved in illegal deals and are sold off later by the police. Both state Gov auctions and police auctions are cheaper than the general category of auctions because thousands of vehicles are confiscated by the government all over the United States and maintaining and storing these vehicles is a costly business. Therefore it becomes essential for the government to sell them off as soon as they can so that the loss to the government due to the cost of maintaining and storing these cars is kept in check.

Used auto auctions in Columbia are a good place to get cheap cars at a good price not only for the general public but also for used car dealers. These registered dealers can buy the cars from the live auctions and local auctions at throw away prices and then later sell them at a higher price to the general public. Usually test drives are not allowed at the auto auctions in Columbia and the state and police auctions as such test drives are not viable. So it is best to choose an auction site which is near to one’s residence or place of work so that one can carefully inspect the cars before buying them.

Once the used cars are bought at the auto auctions in Columbia, it becomes very easy for the dealers to sell them at a larger profit. This is due to the fact that the general public may not have access to all the auctions and at the same time may not be confident of the quality of the cars. This is the reason that the general public may want to purchase the used cars from dealers instead of purchasing them directly from the police auctions and state auctions among other auto auctions in Columbia.

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