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Pros & Cons of buying cars at Peoria, AZ car auctions

Authentic auction tutorials will give you the pros & cons of buying cars at Peoria, AZ car auctions. Government auctions are assumed to be junk car sales that sell cheap cars that will inevitably bear heavy on your wallet in due course. But reality differs. The federal government of the United States of America permits vehicle auctions to sell good cars from various sources to the general public.

Why people don’t know much about government auctions

Several dealerships sell cheap cars at low rates, but government auctions are slightly different from ordinary used car auctions. They sell good quality seized cars and cheap cars from the government fleet. These vehicle auctions are held often but many people don’t know about them. This is because they are not advertised commercially. In fact, car dealerships don’t want people to be aware of the benefits of such auctions because in such a case, they will definitely lose out on their business! The consumer must know about the advantages and possible disadvantages of buying cars from gov auctions.


Government sanctioned police auctions and repo auctions are not profit-oriented. They just want to dispose off the surplus stock which they can’t maintain for ever. Hence, the cars are priced far lower than dealership rates.
Government auctions mostly sell good quality pre-inspected cars at live auctions as well as online auctions. With live auctions, you are also allowed preview time to check the vehicle yourself.

No dealers to contend with. This also means that you fix the cost you are prepared to pay. Bidders have complete control at local auctions of the government owned vehicles.

You need not rely on third party brokers for the deal. First-hand dealing! Eliminate expenses on commission.You end up getting cheap cars for less than wholesale rates. Get cars for 80% off the market rate. Police auctions also sell brand new luxury cars and fancy sports cars seized from the illegally rich!
Gov auctions are the best for the biggest variety of cheap cars. You can find compact vehicles, SUVs, fancy wheels, luxury models and much more.

The government used car auctions are held regularly in most towns and cities across the US.
Government authorized web sites provide up-to-date auction details and auction tips for the novice. No more hunting and doubting.


Cash-only sales: No credit deals.
As-is sales: once bought, no exchange especially for the cars you have inspected yourself.
No extra warranty beyond manufacturer warranty.

Now you decide

It is obvious that the plus points outnumber the negative points of buying from government auctions. Even the disadvantages can be eliminated to a great extent. You won’t be paying a lot for these cars, so finance is never a problem, even if you have to pay cash immediately. As-is clause is not dangerous if you get there early and inspect the car inside-out with an experienced mechanic. Pick a good car wisely and you won’t require warranty! Good luck with your purchase.

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