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Pontiac Vibe Review: new Pontiac Vibe a unique version

The Pontiac Vibe is a small but roomy car which is a budget oriented vehicle and is fuel efficient and economical too. The exterior is attractive and has a styling which is clean and not fussy. All this definitely makes the Pontiac Vibe a popular vehicle to own. This hatchback car is manufactured in California by New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc. this is a joint venture between the Toyota company and General Motors. This is a vehicle for the young and is based on the Toyota Corolla.

The new design of the Pontiac Vibe

The Vibe was designed again to be presented for the model of the year 2009 and came into the market in 2007. This redesigned model is a sporty one and completely functional at the same time. This 2009 model is a wagon which is a 5 passenger one with 4 doors. It is available in 4 trims and ranges start from 1.8L. This model was introduced with an engine which is a 132 horsepower one, and can achieve 26 mpg while driving in the city and on the highway it is 32 mpg. The vehicle has a manual transmission of 5 speeds with a standard overdrive while for the 4 speed transmission which is optional is automatic. The Vibe of 2009 model has been redesigned.

The interiors of the Pontiac Vibe

The Pontiac Vibe can seat five people and has elevated seats so the view of the road is good. Apart from this the driver can adjust his seat height manually. The seating and control of the driver is very much like a cockpit with easy to access controls. There are three large size dials to control the air-conditioning and the heating system of the vehicle.

The back of the front seat can be folded into a table top and can be used by the person sitting in the back as a table for using their computer, laptop or video game with an outlet which is of 115 volts. The seats in the rear can seat two adults comfortably and can be folded to make a large cargo area. The cargo space has a hard finish which makes it easy for cleaning up. If you want to secure the cargo firmly and it is sliding around then you need to get some extra accessories which are available with the manufacturer or dealer.
Safety Equipment for the New Pontiac Vibe

The standard safety equipment on this vehicle is made up of airbags in front; the driver and passenger seat in the front has adjustable height and shoulder belts. There are also force limiters and pretensioners.   This apart the passenger seats in the rear have shoulder belts  and child safety door locks on the rear doors.

The safety optional equipment on the Pontiac Vibe are side curtain air bags for the head, airbags for side impact and ABS.

Technical Specifications

Engine (standard): 1.8 liter dohc with 16-valve and inline -4

Transmission standard:  manual 5 speed

Transmission optional: manual 5 speed; automatic 4 speed; manual 6 speed

Warranty – basic: 36,000 miles or for 3 years

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