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Pontiac Torrent: new Pontiac Torrent transportation with transformative effect

Roomy and stylish, the new Pontiac Torrent gets you well in the city roads as well as in the country roads and also along the rough terrains. Having a large wheelbase, they have a very vast interior, which gives you much comfort while travelling.
From FWD trims to the AWD GXP, you can choose either the new Pontiac Torrent front wheel drive or the all wheel drive. This five-passenger, 4-door large car coming in four models give an excellent drive on the roads.

The new Pontiac Torrent FWD and AWD models comes with a 3.4 L, V6 engine which has a horsepower of 185 @ 5200 rpm. Having a 5-speed transmission, the torque stands at 210 @ 3500 ft-lbs. Meanwhile the new Pontiac Torrent AWD GXP and the FWD GXP comes with a more powerful engine having a horsepower of 240 @ 6500 rpm. Also equipped with a V6 engine, it has a torque of 250 @ 2300. The transmission with GXP trims come to 6 speed automatic.
With upgraded new Pontiac Torrent engines, you can drive 17 miles per gallon in the cities and 24 miles per gallon in the highways; saving some fuel money.
The grills, cladding and the metallic colour all makes the new Pontiac Torrent more stylish and your choice on the roads. The high beam lights peeps into the darkness giving a clear vision far away. The new Pontiac Torrent also has daytime lights. The stylish and sporty exterior makes one to go for the new Pontiac Torrent, which is a great vehicle for a comfortable spacious travel.

As the exterior, the interior is also so convenient and also a luxury. There is enough space with large legroom in the rear and the front. You just have a relaxed driving. The new Pontiac Torrent seats are also so comfortable that you do not feel uncomfortable even if you drive for hours. All the gadgets are well-displayed and easy to use and come in high quality. The new Pontiac Torrent also comes with an effective sound system.

Though a large car, the new Pontiac Torrent is also safe to drive with an upgraded safety system. With an independent suspension in the front and the rear, the rack and pinion steering helps you to steer the new Pontiac Torrent in great safety. More safety comes with the ALB, Disc brakes, EBF and traction control. The antiskid option makes it easy to negotiate the new Pontiac Torrent with ease.

With its spacious, stylish and comforts, the new Pontiac Torrent is the last word in travelling. No wonder, people go for the new Pontiac Torrent.

The new Pontiac Torrent

Body: 4-door, 5-passenger
Engine: 3.4 litre and 2.0 litre V6 engine

Transmission: 5-speed auto transmission and 6-speed auto transmission
Horespower: 185 hp @5200 rpm, 240 hp @ 6500 rpm

Torque: 210 @ 3500 and 250 @ 2300

Cylinders: 6
Tyres: SBRP235/65R16 BSW and SBPR235/50R18

Safety: Independent suspension with rack and pinion steering


For: sleek and fuel economy

Against: lack of space insideĀ 

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