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Pontiac G6 Road test: All New Pontiac G6: Finesse with comfort

Pontiac has always been rated amongst the leading carmakers across the globe. Although it has not been dominant, yet it has been a powerful force thwarting the challenges thrown on them by their competitors. Cars prepared by them have a galore of features and looks great on road. With 2008 Pontiac G6 GT Coupe, they are back again to prove their mark.

This brilliant looking car can be painted in metallic color, if desired. The front and rear bumpers are painted with body color for supplementing their beauty and making them look bigger. The wheels are of chrome alloy, which gives it an expensive look. The exterior lighting is automatic and adequate for general requirements. The lighting system comprises of bright halogen light and it also boasts of separate fog lights. Power windows with tinted glasses are provided for all windows.

On opening the door of the 2008 Pontiac G6 GT Coupe, you would be welcomed by automatic lights and clothed seats. Its rear seats are bench type with adjustable headrests. Couple of bucket seats is provided with reclining and height adjusting facilities. Again, it offers numerous storage options including the glove box, pockets in seatbacks and front door storage. The floor area of the car is also well used for storage with the presence of covered console storage.

Its transmission feature will built a desire within you for driving 2008 Pontiac G6 GT Coupe. This car has an automatic transmission system of 4–speed, which is manually interactive and also has an overdrive facility. On driving the car, you would be very satisfied by its steering control which is supported on tilt and telescopic columns. After traveling for some distance, you would be well aware of its suspension system, as you would feel no difference between smooth and rough roads. Its engineers have provided different suspension system for front and rear portion of the car. Now when you brake to bring the car to a halt, disc brakes make sure that you get an accurate and smooth braking.

Car manufacturers always provide vast options to make the car provide you with a safe drive and Pontiac too does not compromise on this aspect. 2008 Pontiac G6 GT Coupe has a huge number safety options with airbags, which get activated by sensors and are deployed in two stages to increase the safety of the passengers. Seatbelts are provided for protecting the passengers during braking. It also has crash sensor which sends GPS signal incase of a crash. Several anti-theft systems are provided to stop vehicle theft and radio thefts.

If individual features are considered separately, the car will be highly rated on each and every field like exterior, interior, safety, instrumentation and power. A perfect blend of all features is what can define a 2008 Pontiac G6 GT Coupe. So if you are looking for a having finesse with comfort, then 2008 Pontiac G6 GT Coupe is what you need to be driving. 

Tech specs

Body: 2-door coupes

Engine: 3.5 liter V6 219 hp

Transmission: 4-speed automatic

Torque: 219 units

Power: 219 hp

Tires: SBRP225/50R17


For: Adequate fuel economy, stylish and comfortable

Against: Rear visibility needs to be worked on

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