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Nissan Titan King Cab Review: A swaying driving experience with Nissan Titan King Cab

Swaying driving experience is what we generally do not associate with pickup trucks. However with Nissan trucks, this thought has always been given the shape of reality. Now with 2008 Nissan Titan King Cab (2008.5) XE 4X2 SWB, you will get another case of a ‘swaying driving experience’. This is a powerful vehicle with features that are quite unique amongst most cars falling in its category.

If you desire, you can have the exterior of your 2008 Nissan Titan King Cab (2008.5) XE 4X2 SWB painted metallic. It has smoke bumpers provided in rear and front portions. Again, tinted glasses have been provided for all windows. For large vehicles, external headlights need to strong. With halogen lights and cargo box lights, the car offers sufficient lighting. Apart from the conventional storage options of a pickup van, this car also provides small storages options in armrests and doors.

The interior of 2008 Nissan Titan King Cab (2008.5) XE 4X2 SWB has cloth seats. Front and rear seats are of bench type. Again, they are provided with adjustable headrests and armrests for your comfort. The passenger cabin is completely covered with carpet. Manual air conditioning system works perfectly for cooling the environment along with vanity mirrors that furnishes the interiors.

2008 Nissan Titan King Cab (2008.5) XE 4X2 SWB is a powerful car. This car has an automatic transmission system, which is 5-speed manually controlled one with an overdrive facility. The steering of the car is supported tilt column and the steering is also assisted by pinion variable. Its suspension system consists of different portions. The front suspension comprises of shock absorbers and coil springs, whereas the rear portion comprises of the leaf springs along with shock absorbers. The braking system of the car is controlled by a brake distribution system, which is electronically maintained.

Safety of most Nissan trucks always seems to be unquestionable. This fact has remained similar for 2008 Nissan Titan King Cab (2008.5) XE 4X2 SWB too. Airbags are provided for passengers, which are activated by sensors. The airbags open up in dual stages to give higher protection to all. Locking retractors work automatically in front and rear. Seatbelts are provided in both front and rear seats. The front seats have the option of adjusting height.

2008 Nissan Titan King Cab (2008.5) XE 4X2 SWB is provides its owners with a wide variety of options available for using it in several purposes. This car can be considered a very safe investment. The best thing about this car is that though it can be used as a carrier, it also is comfortable as many other cars and its wonderful exterior give the car a perfect finish making it a perfect addition to your life.

Tech specs

Body: 4-door pickup

Engine: 5.6 liter V8 317 hp

Transmission: 5-speed automatic

Torque: 385 units

Power: 317 hp

Tires: SBRP265/70R18


For: It is comfortable and provides ample storage facilities

Against: Exterior portion should be improved for becoming more attractive in outlook

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