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Nissan Maxima Review: new Nissan Maxima laying new trends

It is rare that all cars provide the most comfortable drive with a combination of performance and luxury. Well, the New Nissan Maxima, which comes in the perfect mix of luxury and performance are the greatest comforts on the roads; a car that is envied on the roads.

You cannot but choose the new Nissan Maxima on the roads, which is a great luxury to drive. A carryover from the 2007 Maxima, this sixth generation New Nissan Maxima is a powerful Sedan that can glide on the roads with the maximum power. This four-door, 5-passenger Nissan comes in two models – the Nissan Maxima SE and Nissan Maxima SL. 

Coming with a 3.5 L, V6, 255 Hp @ 6000 RPM engine, both the trims can achieve 25 miles and 19 miles per gallon on the highways and cities respectively. The variable transmission pushes the power to the front engines. The tilt and telescopic steering columns and the rack and pinion steering gives a comfortable drive in the curves.
The exterior gives a sporty look with grills and also beautiful headlights that can look deep into the darkness. The exterior looks so charming that it is envied on the roads.
Just like the exterior, the interior also comes luxurious. The domed panel makes the interiors more attractive. Both the new Nissan Maxima come with climate controls, passenger/driver seat adjustments, sky roof and air filters. The bucket seats give a more comfortable new Nissan Maxima drive. Moreover, the most advanced new Nissan Maxima sound system helps you to listen to news or your favourite singers while driving.   If you want to add a navigation system or a moon roof, you can. 

The interior is also spacious with more legroom and cargo space.

In safety also, the new Nissan Maxima comes with the most advanced braking system. The EBA and EBF braking systems, anti lock brakes and disc brakes gives more grip on the roads. The new Nissan Maxima, which also have airbags, crumple zones and guard beams, provide greater safety for the passenger/driver.  The new Nissan Maxima can also be parked any place without any worries. The anti theft and lockouts provides greater safety to your Nissan Maxima.

Apart from the sporty SE model, the Nissan maxima SL trims have added features and are also more luxurious. While the 17’’ wheelbase gives good suspension in the SE model, the SL trims comes bigger with an 18’’ wheel, which gives much softer suspension. Though a drive in the new Nissan Maxima SE is comfortable, you will get a more comfortable drive with the new Nissan Maxima SL.

The new Nissan Maxima give a more powerful drive on the roads, which you cannot experience in other sedans.

The new Nissan Maxima
Body: sedan

Engine: 3.5l, 24 valve, V6 engine

Transmission: variable transmission
Horespower: 255 hp @ 6000 hp
Torque: 255 lb-ft of torque @ 4,400
Tyres: SBRP245/45VR18, SBRP225/55HR17 

Safety: Independent suspension with rack and pinion steering


For: great power and luxury

Against: comes in high price 

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