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Nissan Altima Review: test the new Nissan Altima with pride & joy

Luxury Sedans have always been an eternal favorite in all parts of the world. The Japanese manufacturers of the brand new Nissan Altima have perfected the art of designing comfortable sedans and coupes over the years. A focus on reliability and high quality is the hallmark of any Nissan automobile, and the trend continues with the Nissan Altima. While the car has always been athletic, the original model was lacking here and there, and the shortcomings have been largely eliminated to make way for a great comeback by the 2008 Altima. The 2008 Nissan Altima combines sport with style and is an excellent family coupe for regular use as well as for occasional fun drives.
The changes are visible in the interiors, where a roomy 5-seater interior combines comfort with fun. As for mechanics, the engine is even better and the car is ultimately very responsive. The brakes and traction are quite okay, while steering is efficient. While revamping the original, the designers have retained the sporty feel of the Sedan. Less noise and smooth drive maximize the comfort. The interiors are well-crafted, with adjustable seats and convenient lighting. Safety features are very good as usual with Nissan models. For a mid-sized coupe, the Altima’s v6 engine provides good power and the 4 cylinders are great at providing the acceleration you need. The car easily goes up to 60 mph in less than 7 seconds. Suspension tuning is better this time. Safety is never an issue with the car’s excellent scores in the front and rear protection crash test. Fuel economy is very good.

The body is sporty as well as practical. This 2008 model is slightly smaller. A wide range of sophisticated features come as optional packages, but this could increase the price of the car heavily. The 2008 range if Nissan Altima comes with 4 different trims, ranging from the 2.5 to the 3.5 SL. In all, the car is terrific!

Engine: 3 out of 5….. v6 proves itself again, and again!

Transmission: 3 out of 5…. Standard automatic transmission with variable speed works well in all trims.

Handling: 4 out of 5… very good at handling, though the brakes could be improved upon.
Safety: 4 out of 5 … excellent safety features for both front and side impact.

Value 4 out of 5… an irresistible model is you are looking for a sporty-feeling, comfortable family car.

Tech Specs
Body: medium size coupe/ sedan. 5 passenger, 4 door model.

Engine: standard is the 2.5 liter, I4 version going up to 270 hp
Transmission: 6 speed manual transmission with overdrive or an automatic transmission with variable speed

Torque: 258 at 4400 (ft-lbs) in the 3.5 SL.

Power: 270 hp at 6000 rpm in the 3.5 SL.

Tires: 16 inch radial tires( 3.5 SL)- rack and pinion steering

Verdict: the car scores an impressive 9 on 10. The plush interiors, the excellent styling and the thrilling performance captivate.

For: style, excellent CVT, performance, safety and elegant interiors for maximum convenience and comfort.
Against: too many additional packages, 4 cylinders come with no stability control.

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