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New Volkswagen Passat Wagon Review: Test of 2008 Volkswagen Passat Wagon

The 4 door 5 passenger New Volkswagen Passat Wagon 2008 comes in 4 trims which range from Turbo to VR6 4 motion. For those who want a wagon within an affordable range, this would be the best choice. The performance of this vehicle is excellent with comfortable handling, fuel efficiency and powerful engines.

The exterior and the interior of the Volkswagen Passat Wagon 2008

The wagon has a very popular exterior which most people like and find it better than the sedan where style and function are concerned. Instead of the old style which was boxy, it is now trendy and swoops. The body is a full length one and is larger than the earlier model by 4 inches and wider by 3 inches. The corners are rounded with chrome accents which give it a more upscale look. The older model was very staid where as the new one is sleek. This apart it is rounded in the rear and low and pointed at the front end. The final outcome of the body of this vehicle is definitely an improvement on the older version.

The interior is versatile, relaxing and comfortable. It can seat 5 persons comfortably with the material for the seating being of high quality and this gives the cabin a rich look. The options for trim are composite, aluminum and wood and the seating is made of leather which gives the interiors a rich and elegant finish. There is plenty of leg room in the front while the leg room in the rear is also very comfortable with the 37.7 inches length.

Among the standard features that are provided with this vehicle are climate controls, power drivers seat, power window and door locks too.

The cargo capacity in the New Volkswagen Passat Wagon

The cargo capacity in the wagon is easily double of that in the sedan. The wagon’s cargo area is 35.8 cubic feet when compared to the sedans 14.2 cubic feet. The cargo area in the rear is carpeted and has four tie downs. If required the rear seat can be folded forward and this gives more cargo area. With the seat folded the area measures 69 inches in length and 42 inches in width.

Safety features of this vehicle

There are four wheel disc brakes with an anti lock brake system (ABS) the brakes are kept dry with automatic disc wiping which keeps them clean and dry even in wet conditions. This apart there is a stability system which is electronic, monitoring system for tire pressure and tail lights which are brighter than the regular bulbs, with adaptive cruise control.

Among the crash protection features are adjustable head restraints for the five passengers, anchors for safety of the children, side impact bags in the rear which are optional, strong chassis and frame, front and side air bags for impact protection which add up to six air bags in all.

Technical Specifications

Engine Type: dual overhead cam, 16-valve

Turbocharged and intercooled direct

Fuel-injected inline 4-cylinder

Engine Size:    2.0 liters / 121 cu. in.

Horsepower:   200 @ 5100-6000 rpm

Torque (lb-ft): 207 @ 1800-5000 rpm

Transmission:  6-speed automatic with manual shift mode

Fuel Capacity: 18.5 gal.

Fuel Requirement
: 91 octane unleaded premium gasoline

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