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New Toyota Sequoia Review: 2008 Toyota Sequoia Roadtest

If you go by the figures, Toyota has been amongst the leading carmakers, both in popularity and sales figures. With the launch of 2008 Toyota Sequoia, it seems to be continuing its dominance over the automobile market. A car packed with latest technologies, style and comfort, it is sure to be the toast of the world in the coming future.

Colorful Exterior

If you ever dreamt of painting your car with shiny metallic paint, 2008 Toyota Sequoia gives you the option to fulfill it. Mud guards and bumpers are provided, both in its rear and front end. The exterior of this car appears very stylish with colored door handles.

Convenient Interior

Apart its colorful exterior, 2008 Toyota Sequoia welcomes you with comfortable cloth seats. Reclining seats are provided in the second and third row with adjustable headrests. The front row has bucket seats and drivers have an option to adjust height of their seat according to their requirement. Couple of sunvisors is provided in front with vanity mirrors. Its rear window is provided with an intermittent wiper and defroster. Power windows are also provided in the car, which open and close just at a touch.

Ever heard of a separate climate control for the front seat? With 2008 Toyota Sequoia, you can control the climate of the front seat separately. Again, you get an air conditioning system, which is provided in the rear end of the car.

Storage space has always been a concern while buying a car. However with 2008 Toyota Sequoia, storage problem will never bother you. Apart from the conventional storage of glove box, you are furnished with an overhead storage. Covered lower console storage is also provided on the floor.

Automatic Transmission System

If are looking for a car with automatic transmission system, then 2008 Toyota Sequoia might be the one, which you might be looking for. The makers give you an automatic 5-speed transmission system, which is electronically controlled. Steering is also supported on a tilt steering column. During its road test, the convenience of its steering was mentioned by one and all.

Sophisticated Safety and Security features

Officials at Toyota have worked hard on the safety and security aspect of the car. Passengers are provided with airbags, which are activated by sensors. Height adjustable seat belts are provided for both front and second row. Again, airbags open up in dual stages to provide you with more safety. If parking in a crowded place always seemed to be problem, then it should not be a problem anymore as ultrasonic sensors are provided in both front and rear end. Again, they provide special set of locks for the safety of your children on the rear doors. Entry to the New Toyota Sequoia can be made without a key, as it can be operated with the help of a key fob.

Toyota has always thrown challenges to their competitors around the globe. With 2008 Toyota Sequoia, most experts feel that it might have overtaken all the obstacles from them. This car, which is full of features, is sure to make it big in the coming days and should soon be one of the most sought after cars.

Tech Specs

Body: 4-door SUV

Engine: 4.7 liter V8 273 hp

Transmission: 5 – speed automatic

Torque: 314 units

Power: 273 hp

Tires: SBRP275/65R18


For: It is big, smooth, powerful and comfortable

Against: Mechanically and appearance wise, it can be worked upon

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