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New Toyota Camry Review: 2008 Toyota Camry CE 5-Spd MT

If you are looking for the latest hot-selling automobile in the market, then maybe you would like the 2008 Toyota Camry CE 5-Spd MT. Ideal for family and fun travel, this 4 door car is the latest from the Toyota factory. Sedans have always been popular and more so, Toyota Sedans are in demand because they are certainly value for money. The latest launch from the Toyota family is the range of 10 attractive trims, each of which is passenger friendly and fun to drive, particularly the 2008 Toyota Camry CE 5-spd MT.

At an MSRP of $20,000, you initially do not expect too many efficient features but this car has something else to say. Its 2.4 liter engine is a small but powerful engine. This 5 passenger 4 door Sedan is certainly a delight on the road, though not that very powerful. The elegant front wheel driven model has all the standard features you would expect in a car of this type. This Sedan is low on fuel consumption and offers a good gas mileage on the highway and on city roads as well. The 16 valve engine performs at 158 hp for 6000 rpm. The standard transmission for Sedans of this design is 5 speed manual transmission, with overdrive. Shock absorbers and coil springs come with the suspension mechanism of this Sedan, which is a MacPherson Strut Front Suspension. The rear suspension is multi-link and there is a reliable stabilizer bar.

Braking, steering and traction are good, and the adjustable cloth seats are comfortable. The car is definitely not cramped. There is a loaded instrument panel and the lighting is good. The sound system has a CD player, radio and WMA player. The car looks stylish and has a robust stance. It performs quite well and is affordable and convenient for everyday use. Toyota has come out with a safe design with standard features for most of its 2008 trims and the customers feel good about this model.

Engine: 3 out of 5….. The engine is good but could do a lot better.

Transmission: 3 out of 5…. The standard 5 speed manual transmission with overdrive is good enough for city roads.

Handling: 3 out of 5… steering control, braking and traction pass the road test easily.

Safety: 3 out of 5 … standard safety features make this a reliable car.

Value 3 out of 5… Definitely worth around 20 thousand dollars that you pay for.

Tech Specs

Body: 4 door Sedan with 5 passenger capacity. Good interiors and exterior.

Engine: 2.4 liter, 4 cylinder, 16 valve engine performs at about 158 hp in average driving conditions.

Transmission: 5 speed manual transmission with overdrive.

Torque: 161 at 4000 (ft-lb)

Power: 158 hp at 6000 rpm

Tires: 16 inch, 215 mm radial passenger tires with rear and front disc brakes, rack and pinion steering.

Verdict: standard efficiency assured with a Toyota. The 2008 models also provide the same excellent performance in their new style and convenient design.

For: looks, convenience, price, performance.

Against: almost no cons for a good family vehicle.

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