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New Porsche911 Turbo Review: Testing the new Porsche911 Turbo

If you will make the list of the leading carmakers across the globe, you will surely not miss the name of Porsche. They are considered amongst the very best in the world purely on the style that it provides to its owners. With new Porsche911 Turbo Coupe, they are continuing their trend of stylish cars.

When speaking about the exteriors of 2008 Porsche911 Turbo Coupe, its body color will always be the first thing that will come to notice, which has a shiny metallic paint on it. Colored bumpers of the car are provided in the front and rear portion having the capacity to withstand impacts and absorb them. Again, rearview mirror of the car is power adjustable too. To make it easier for drivers, the wipers of the car start working automatically during rainfall.

The interior of 2008 Porsche911 Turbo Coupe is brightly lit. The floor of this wonderful car is covered with carpets, whereas steering wheel, door panel and dash board are covered with leather. The interior is also aided with an interior navigation system and its climate control is done automatically. To add more looks and comfort to its interior, all seats, which are bucket-type, have an excellent leather finish to allow more convenience. The car also has a glove box for storage and additional space is also provided by the console storage in the floor. It also provides a memory adjustment for driver seat too.

2008 Porsche911 Turbo Coupe has a manually operated transmission system, which can be pushed up to the 6th gear. Thus if you always desired that your car has a great pickup and acceleration, then it will be amongst the best in the race.

The steering of the car is supported on tilt and telescopic columns. With such a high engine power, you will always look for a good suspension system. In case of new Porsche911 Turbo Coupe, you will not be disappointed, as they have a separate suspension system for front and rear with coil springs and gas absorbers. It also provides arms for track control. Its braking system comprises of disc brakes that gives accurate braking.

2008 Porsche911 Turbo Coupe fall in the category of the fastest and the safest car on the scene. With airbags and seatbelts for everyone and separate side airbags in the front area for head protection, it makes the car very safe to travel in. You also get a unique impact protection from side doors.

If you always desired of having a car that ran fast on the street, looked stylish and offered loads of safety, then 2008 Porsche911 Turbo Coupe should to your list.

Tech Specs

Body: 2-door coupe

Engine: 3.6 liter H6 480 hp

Transmission: 6-speed manual (conventional) or 5-speed automatic (if desired)

Torque: 460 units

Power: 480 hp

Tires: SBR235/35ZR19 (front) and SBR305/30ZR19 (rear)


For: It has a stylish body supported with quick handling

Against: Its rear seats are too small to be used

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