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New BMW 5 Series Review: 2008 BMW 5 Series 528i Sedan

The hallmark of the much appreciated New BMW 5 Series 2008 is the excellent styling and improvement in performance. The wagons and sedans of the BMW 5 series beat competition by a mile with the chic styling and comfortable interiors. BMW has aimed right with the medium size luxury car model which many users were waiting for. As expected, the new 5 series, be it the 528i, the 535i or others have combined luxury with small size very effectively. The new 5 series proves that bulk does not mean luxury and that small does not mean lack of room. The 2008 BMW 5 Series 528i Sedan is surely a success in the market.

Excellent performance

The 5 series have made one remarkable improvement over the original medium size models launched a few years back. The 6 cylinder engine is a runaway hit in terms or performance and acceleration. 528i is the first in the 5 series. This 2008 BMW 5 Series 528i Sedan is a revamp of the original 525i BMW model. It is a medium size luxury sedan which actually performs like a sports car. This means the driver can have the best of both worlds! The car gives excellent acceleration in the road test. In fact, the 2008 BMW 5 Series 528i Sedan performs efficiently in the city at about 17 mpg and on the highway, it performs up to 28 mpg ( miles per gallon), making it an optimum fuel saving medium sedan.

The 230 hp engine with 3 liter design is certainly capable of delivering speed when required. The engine is magnesium/aluminum. The fun quotient is obvious with the unique styling of the exterior and the reduction in car size as compared to regular luxury sedans. All the changes are very subtle and one cannot quite observe the difference at first glance. BMW calls it a significant freshening move. The power boost is terrific and this sets standards of sorts.

Control and safety

The new 5 series from BMW have passed the safety test with flying colors, although side impact protection could be improved. The stability control mechanism and the brakes are very good and the drive is smooth and comfortable even on bumpy roads. The car is excellent for winding through congested roads and heavy traffic. The wheels are in top shape and the car can pass for a great sports model. There are optional Sports packages and the Premium package (with Dakota leather upholstery) comes at a slightly extra cost.

Though the car is medium size the rear seats are also adult size and the interiors feel very roomy. The sunroof, the Automatic cruise control, the homogenous lighting, the multi contour seating (20-way), the Active roll Stabilization are some of the other significant features. But yes, the much awaited navigation control disappoints. iDrive system is definitely not acceptable as it is way too complex!


Fancy and fun, the car does not compromise on luxury or excitement. With some unnecessary features but mostly very good enhancements and terrific performance, the 5 series is refreshing.

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