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New BMW 5 Series: 528Xi Roadtest 2008 BMW 5 Series 528xi Sedan

The wait has been worth it. BMW fans can rejoice because the new 528xi redefines the concept of a sports sedan in style! Luxury has been moving from the larger cars to the smaller cars as well and BMW has mastered the art of luxury in small with this medium size sports sedan that beats competition by a mile.
Several revisions to the earlier models have been brought out in the present launch. But yes, the originality of the luxury sedan has been retained to a great extent. Improvisation has been made in several areas, like the revised interior design, the improvement on the exterior as well as some pulling power enhancement to the existing 6 cylinder engine in the original. The initial 2003 model was named 525i and this model is renamed as 528xi. The 2003 launch was quite good, but this 2008 BMW 5 Series 528xi Sedan is even better in most departments.

A sports sedan calls for a lot of power, steering control and excellent brakes system.  The 2008 BMW 5 Series 528xi Sedan easily passed the road test, excelling in all these areas. The car also has optional automatic transmission in addition to the existing manual transmission. The engine excels, with its 3 liter capacity and a horsepower of 250 with its 6 cylinder system. With the unique all-wheel drive system, the car offers relief from the front wheel and rear wheel driven models that we are familiar with.
The standard features in the 5 series include the automatic climate regulation, the leather upholstery, the automatic wiper and headlights, sun roof and 17 inch wheels. But new additions include an assist system that’s popular with BMW, as well as an iDrive system which is somewhat complicated to use for navigation control. The assist Telematics are okay, but the iDrive is not something we would greatly appreciate.

The 5 series offer exciting exteriors, with a new design for the front and LED controlled tail lights. The interiors are good, with optimum technology for superior seating comfort. Keyless control, Active Cruise control, excellent steering and night vision make the 2008 BMW 5 Series 528xi Sedan a must have. The airbags are very efficient and the Sports Package is an option for the driver.
The stability control mechanism is an essential safety feature of the 5 series. Front impact protection is terrific with the 2008 BMW 5 Series 528xi Sedan, but it ranked a little lower in the side impact protection when a road test was taken. As far as driving power and comfort go, the car scores well. But some complications like the difficult iDrive feature have to be worked upon. In all, the car is quite affordable and ranks good on design and driving power and balance. The ergonomic design saves energy and the driver can save on fuel consumption. It is very good in maneuvering through heavy traffic. But the new BMW 5 Series 528xi Sedan could do with some more improvements in the navigation control system.

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