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Mitsubishi Lancer Review: new Mitsubishi Lancer improved styling

The new Mitsubishi Lancer is of a stream lined design which has a clean and sleek look. This vehicle is now available in three models which are the 1.8 liter petrol, 2 liter diesel and 1.5 liter petrol ones. Handling of the Lancer is pretty smooth but is better for a cruise than for fast driving in the city. This flexible vehicle has an efficient fuel use with 9.6 kpl while driving in the city and on the highway it is 14.9kpl. Though smooth the 1468cc engine is not really powerful.

The Interior of the new Mitsubishi Lancer

The interiors of this new 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer are roomy and have many safety features. There is a safety system of seven airbags with a dual stage of advanced airbags in the front. It is fitted with fog lamps and four speaker 140 watt stereo system with AM/FM, a CD player together with an input for MP3 player. The other optional features of the interiors are a power sun roof which isĀ  a one touch one, a navigation system which is high based, a LCD color touch screen, keyless ignition with remote auto sensing door unlocking and a hands free blue tooth phone interface.

The rear and front seats have a lot of cushioning and are very comfortable. The driver’s seat offers added comfort with a padded armrest which gives him driving comfort. The seats in the rear are more comfortable than the previous models as the bottoms are deeper and more cushioned and there are three head rests which are adjustable. The new Lancer has more space than the older models. This gives more cargo space and also more head room and shoulder room.

The Dashboard of the new 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer

All the functions, and there are really a lot of them, are controlled by just four knobs. The dashboard is a pretty large one and has instruments which control various operations including audio and climate. What is new is a circular speedometer and tachometer and an information center which is LCD based. The instruments are placed in such a way that they can easily be read and do not cause any strain to the eyes. The tuning, volume, mode, temperature and fan are controlled by knobs which are traditional.

The functions of the engine

The gear box of this Lancer is superb and the engine has a 120 horse power with a torque of 16.5 kgm. This is an excellent car for hard driving with an engine that is quick to respond but is not very fuel efficient. This four door sedan has a 1998 cc 2 liter, 86 mm bore 4 engine with an 86 mm stroke, a compression ration of 10, a multipoint fuel injection system, a transmission which is five speed and manual, a front wheel drive and a seating capacity for five.

The vehicle has a lot of comfortable features with front and rear power windows, power steering, six speakers, air conditioning which has a climate control and power locks with remote.

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