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Luxury Seized Cars – Find Your Dream Ride in Hialeah FL

If you are in the market for an inexpensive luxury car in Hialeah FL then seized car auctions might be your best option.  Luxury cars can be seized for a variety of reasons however the overall quality remains fairly similar across auctions.  A more important variable is to consider is who actually seized the vehicle.  For example, the marshals service is well known for their lechery seized car auctions, however many of their cars are used for a year or two after they are seized for sting operations.  While the same is true for local governments, the practice is not as common.  Knowing why it was seized may help determine what government entity had control over it before it up was put up for auction.

Most Common Reasons a Car is Seized


The most common reason a vehicle is seized is because the driver was stopped and arrested on suspicion of DWI or DUI.  In Florida, any vehicle being driven by an intoxicated individual is automatically seized and towed to the local impound.  Before the owner can gather vehicle back they must pay a series of fines and complete any additional actions assigned by the court.  This is on top of the impound fees which are assessed based upon how long the car is held.  Over time, many people simply decide to purchase a different used vehicle rather than jump through all the hoops necessary to reclaim their lechery seized car.  In most cases, cars seized and immediately towed to the impound are rarely used by the government before they are put up for auction.  This means it is safe to assume a majority of the mileage put on the vehicle was from the previous owner.

2. Non-Payment of Taxes

Another reason luxury cars are seized by the government is the result of not paying their taxes.  In most cases, luxury cars are only seized for tax purposes in conjunction with the seizure of other property – particularly homes and businesses.  Luxury cars seized for this reason are considered to be the safest that at an auction in Hialeah FL because all of the property is controlled by the Taxation Division.  This means there is almost no chance it will be used by any other branch of government.  In most cases, it will be auctioned off as soon as possible so the government can recoup any lost funds.

3. Believed to be Used to Commit a Crime

Some luxury cars are seized simply because they were believed to be used in commission of a crime.  In most cases, these luxury cars will be used by local, state, or federal law enforcement for stings and raids.  If you find a late-model luxury car with unusually high mileage it is seized car auction, there is a good chance the high mileage is the result of government used rather than the previous owner.  Fortunately, the government typically doesn’t excellent job maintaining these vehicles.  This is a win-win scenario for anyone on the hunt for an inexpensive luxury car because the high mileage will drive away other bidders; however the chance of encountering reliability problems is slim.

4. Believed to be Purchased with Funds Gain From Illegal Activities

The final reason cars are typically seized is because they were believed to be purchased with funds gained from illegal activities.  In Florida this is known as civil asset forfeiture.  A majority of property seized under civil asset forfeiture laws are not used by local government entities.  They are held in the impound by the government until the case has been closed.  If the previous owner did not reclaim their vehicle or loses the right to reclaim their vehicle it is then sold at auction.  Florida law clearly outlines where auction proceeds go.  In most cases it will go to local law enforcement and educational programs.

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