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Land Rover LR2 Review: 2008 Land Rover LR2 Strong off-road capability

The brand Land Rover draws great impression in the minds of the auto savvy people, all due to its astounding generic features and the capability it shows on or off the track. Over the years, Land Rover has been an inspirational success story in the automobile industry and we look at the current 2008 model Land Rover LR2 to make the review.

The land rover has undergone generation of changes and comes in various models as of now, such as LR2, LR3, sporty range rover etc; however we confine our discussion to LR2.

The Land Rover started off with an unorthodox and a dated model, and was penned down by huge number of reviewers and auto pundits. The real name is derived from the former Freelander, now being called as LR2 as it exceeds the previous one. The much needed increased space in interior is fulfilled by the induction of nearly longer wheelbase of length 5.9”. The engine throws throttling power through 6 cylinders inline 3.2l.

The SUV touches the 60mph mark in 8.4 straight seconds, from absolute zero. The entire body of the vehicle is uniform in nature and there is hardly any inconsistency. To aid the safety parameters, there is a superb strut suspension system, having disc brakes at all corners.

Unlike Land Rover 3, the LR2 model scores higher on the softness and comfortable parameters. Through turns and curves, the LR2 surely is a better performer in its class as it also outscores other vehicles in its segments such as Honda, BMW etc.

The monocoque construction of the Land Rover LR2 2008 vehicle is the trademark of this segment of the vehicle. However, just like the Honda CR-V of the current generation, there is lot more desired and compromised at the backside.

Some notable features worth mentioning and which make all the differences are HDC and DSC systems. The LR2 can be coined as a mini LR3 due its compact package. The park distance control is good to point out. Apart from typical SUV features like GPS, satellite radio, heat seats and all; the Land Rover LR2 2008 model provides panoramic sun roof, thoughtfully engineered seating arrangements. The terrain response of the LR2 is totally controlled electronically.

Apart from all these statistics and advantages; what matters big times is indeed its capability off the road even. We start off with the ground clearance point, and find it to be poised at 8.3”. The driving is presided by all wheels, which enable any absurd inconvenience to be passed on to any portion as per requirement.

The price is little higher than it deserves to be tagged for. The all new LR2 2008 from the stubble of Land Rover can be coined as an exactly compact package of style, comfort, luxury and the terrain handling capabilities. All in all, the Land Rover LR2 2008 is a multi utility vehicle, not very much on the sporty adventurous side though.

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