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How cheap are cars at Police car Auctions?

Some amazing cars which you see on the road may have cost the owner a mere 10% of the actual retail price. You do not have to just dream about the expensive and swanky sports cars which you see in brochures and magazines, you can own one of these cars at a very affordable price. Even if you do not have the kind of money that you would need to buy a car like a Mercedes Benz, a Lexus or a BMW or Porsche you can still get yourself one. Unbelievable as it may seem this is a fact.

Cheap luxury cars at police auctions

Luxury vehicles land up at police auctions after they have been confiscated by the law because of illegal activities which their owners have been involved in. These vehicles may have been owned by drug dealers and those who deal with contraband goods. Such people have a penchant for showy luxury vehicles which land up in police custody and are then available for sale at the police auctions. This is not something that is known by many people and it is only those who really look for their dream car who find out how and where to get it.

Some facts about getting cars cheap at police auctions

The vehicles at these auctions start the bidding from just $100 which finally reaches about 90% less than the retail market value of the car at the final bidding amount. There are cars of different makes and models available here and you can buy yourself an economy model or even a luxury one. The best part is that the cars have clean titles and are in good condition. These cars have low mileage and there is no hassle with their legality as they have been seized by the DEA, Customs, IRS and the police department. Where else would it be possible to get such a fantastic deal but at the police auctions.

Learn more about the cars from the history of the car

There is really nothing to worry about when you go in for a car from a police auction, but I you are worried and would like to know more about the history of the car, even this is possible from their log books which will be available from a government department which deals in history of vehicles. Al you would have to do is to do this check and you will get all the information about the number of owners of this car, the mileage which the car was sold at to each different owner, the repair work which has been carried out on it and also whether it has been in any accident. Armed with this information you will definitely not have anything to worry about when you buy a car from the police auction.

Buying a car from the government auctions is always a safe bet, not only do you get the cars at very cheap and affordable rates, they also come with all the papers in place and you do not have not look further. Drive away your dream car and enjoy it.

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