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Honda CR-V Review: 2008 Honda CR-V a Top Ranker in SUVs

It can be rightly proclaimed as a new big chapter in the history of automobile industry, when 2008 Honda CR-V inc. put forth the master class sporty crossover Chromium-Vanadium, i.e. CR-V vehicle on the roads, for the fellow customers. In its current generation, Honda CR-V 2008 begs the best position in the class of SUV automobiles and we take a look as why it is so.

The sleek n stylish 2008 Honda CR-V begs distinction right through its exterior and interior beauty. The aerodynamic features and the sophistication crossed with aggressive appeal is instant turn-on for the customers. One astounding feature is the current inclusion of GPS system, which aids the driver wonderfully throughout the full throttle journey. All in all, the highly comfortable leather cushions, dashboard design graphics and the material quality are second to none.

The multi activity vehicle provides mileage in the range of 20s in better running conditions and it promises improvement with the loosening of the drive train. The console is better than the previous models and there is plenty of storage area for all your accessories. 

The 2008 Honda CR-V SUV segment comes in 3 variants, viz., LX, EX and EX-L. The engine is covered in aluminum material and is supported by 4 pistons. 166hp 161torque measures and ensures greater sporting experience pushing the beast to the speed of the light aided by a huge 2354 cc power.

While on the move with vengeance, it takes care of the power shifts optimally, so that it doesn’t become a point of hindrance in the throttling experience. At tougher terrains, the GLC system takes care of the continuous gear shift problems even. However, the speed breakers and road blocks which shield the action, are also encountered by the superb suspension system aided in the 2008 model.

Just when you thought that along with all the sporty features that are essential to be associated with the best in class SUVs, security features also are key role in deciding the ranks in the competition. So what we see is that Honda CR-V 2008 clears all the security standards and overdoes so in some segments.

The flagship systems like ABS, TMPS, ACE, SRS etc are enough to verify the evidences made in favor of the sleek CR-V. Collectively they make maneuver of the vehicle very smooth at ultra high speeds; monitors tire pressure through its bad patches, safety during probabilities of collision etc. All according to rave reviews, it undoubtedly gets the coveted tag of top pick.
Apart from all the features that make it the best in its class, there are still features which can be craved for betterment, according to the trusted and loyal customers all alike. Like the rear storage compartment needs to get bit more spacious, a 6th gear is as usual much awaited and the back side engineering can be improved to give it the ultimate look.

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