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While car auctions are fast picking up in popularity as more and more people have started frequenting auctions when they want to buy a used car, Florida car auctions have always been well known because of the large variety of cars that they offer. On top of this, car auctions in Florida are famous throughout the country because of the great deals that people are able to land at these auctions. So in case you stay in Florida and are looking for a used car, then a car auction is the first place that you should visit.

Most of us are aware that many government and law enforcement agencies, banks and other financial institutions keep seizing the properties of people who get on their wrong sides. This includes criminals and conmen, but the most common lot whose property gets seized are tax evaders and people who default on their loans and mortgage payments. However, most of us are absolutely unaware about what these agencies do with such seized properties. It is common knowledge that banks and other such institutions sell off seized property at auctions in order to balance their losses. But do you know that the police and the IRS also sell off all seized property at auctions that are held regularly throughout the country. Auctions held by government agencies are known to include sales of real estate properties, yachts, vehicles, antiques and other household goods. Since Florida is generally full of rich people who sometimes end up on the other side of the law, car auctions in Florida are known to throw up not just loads of luxury and sports cars, but they also have a reputation as being a collectors’ heaven.

So if you live at a place where from where Florida car auctions are easily accessible, then get set to bid for amazing cars at unbelievable prices. Most of the auctions held nowadays are open to the general public, and this includes auctions held by government agencies. So if an auction held by some government agency or by the local police is being held somewhere in the vicinity, then make sure that you visit it. This is because government auctions are definitely the best auctions. These auctions score above car auctions held by private firms as well as other banks and institutions because the sole aim of holding these auctions is different in this case. While banks, financial institutions and other private companies hold auctions because they want to make money from them, the main reason behind most government agencies and police departments holding auctions is to get rid of the large amount of seized goods that keep piling up with them. Many agencies, especially the police department hold car auctions not because they want to make profits from them but mainly because they do not want to suffer any losses because of paying unnecessarily for the storage of seized goods.

It is because of this reason that you can get the best deal possible at government car auctions in Florida. The bidding rates for good cars in these auctions starts as low as 10%-20% of the real value of the car. Another advantage that you get when you buy at car auctions held by the government is that you can be sure of being dealt with honestly. Since profit is not the motive behind these sales, you can be sure that the vehicles on sale have not been tampered with. This is much more than what can be said about a number of used car dealers, who not only tamper with the mileage readings of vehicles, but are also known to put in cheap spares in place of the originals.

Most of the agencies that hold regular car auctions in Florida will provide you with a catalogue of the cars that are being put up for auction. This catalogue will generally provide all the required information like make, model, color, mileage, installation and vehicle identification numbers etcetera, so that you know what you are getting in for when you bid for any particular vehicle. While most agencies sell vehicles on an “ as is” basis where you are not allowed to make any claims after the purchase has gone through, all of them hold previews or inspection periods where you can examine the vehicles being auctioned to your heart’s content. It is a good idea to take along a mechanic with you to the preview so that you can get a good idea about the exact condition of the cars that you want to bid for. Once you have all the necessary information about the car you wish to bid for, it is advised that you decide a maximum bidding amount before the actual auction begins. Make sure that you do not exceed the decided bidding amount and you will definitely come away with a good deal.

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