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Finding good cars at Pembroke Pines, FL auto auctions

Finding good cars at Pembroke Pines, FL auto auctions won’t take time at all, if you know how to distinguish the good from the bad! There are plenty of used car auctions around town but how do you know which is good for you? Is it wiser to trust car dealerships even if the price is not too convenient? If you are having such doubts then it indicates that you don’t know about government auctions. Yes, government vehicle auctions are now open not only for dealers but for the general public as well. It is a simple process to pick a vehicle, bid and buy.

Pembroke Pines in Florida is witness to several live auctions. Apart from live local auctions, people from this region can also take part in online auctions on government sites. But because these gov auctions are not commercially advertised, not many are actually aware of these used car auctions for the residents of this city in Broward County.

Now that you know such auctions exist, you must be aware of the benefits they offer. Unlike regular dealership sales, these auctions allow the bidder to determine the price of the vehicle, though all cars sold are cheap cars. In fact, high quality luxury vehicles go for less than 10% of their original market worth! While car dealerships offer good cars, they make you pay so much as random charges. But at government police auctions and repo auctions, you get the best goods for a pittance. That is because these are mostly seized surplus cars now owned by the government. Not just luxury vehicles, there is an endless variety simply because the government never runs out of surplus stock to sell. Even the government vehicles are sold off after a few years of use.

People who cannot afford to pay sky-high prices can now relax and get reliable deals at government auctions. The seller is the government itself, with no third party broker to charge you a commission. You are already saving cash by dealing directly and getting rid of dealer quotes. But use a blue book to determine how much you can pay for a certain vehicle. NADAguide or Kelly Blue Book can help you. Make sure you inspect every vehicle you want to when given preview time. Most auction centers allow bidders to get along their mechanics to check the cars. In case of online auctions, make sure the authorities stick to the claims when they ship the car. Always demand for documents.

Bidding is also tricky. Don’t bid too high compared to the previous bid. Never overbid just because you want a specific model. Come back next time. These vehicle auctions are held frequently in various parts of Pembroke Pines. and your newsletter from the web site can keep you updated. With government auctions, there is no disappointment, especially if you are a careful bidder. Rest assured with good preparation and smart bidding, you will be the lucky one driving home a terrific car bought for less.

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