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According to, Canadians love cars. This is based on the number of sales among new vehicles. In 2014, sellers were able to earn huge amounts of profit for almost 2 million cars, a surge of over 5% than in 2013.

The best-selling car in Canada, based on sales, is Ford F-Series. This is understandable as, based on studies, Canadians pick their trucks and cars according to reliability. The F-Series is a certified monster with its sheer size and power, although it can easily pass up as a family vehicle because of its more modern design.

But can a typical Canadian family capable of buying a Ford F-150? The price of the vehicle increases to almost $5,000 annually. On the average, a person should be keen to pay no less than $20,000, and this doesn’t take into account freight and insurance.

The answer to the question is actually a yes. However, one should be willing to compromise—that is, the car buyer should not mind owning a used car.

Debunking the Misconception

Some people continue to stay away from used vehicles. They believe that since they are already pre-owned, they are no longer in excellent condition. Moreover, it takes more work to research and inspect a pre-owned car than buying a new one.

Nevertheless, purchasing a brand-new vehicle can put a dent on a family’s expense. Let’s not forget the many tactics salespersons do in order to compel buyers to spend more.

Here’s the truth: not all used cars are ugly or ill maintained. Many of them are actually in a pristine condition with enough mileage left to travel cross country many times over. They don’t even have to break the bank, especially if you decide to join an auto auction.

Why Join an Auto Auction?

Most probably you’re familiar with auctions. Even if you haven’t attended in one yet, movies show you how they’re done: an object becomes up for bidding, and participants try to outbid one another. The highest bidder wins and gets the object.

It’s the same thing with car auctions, but more than winning, the activity allows you to:

  • Take a pick among a variety of car options. You’re no longer limited to F-150 series or Ford. It’s possible to have thousands of choices, from various makes, models, year, and mileage.
  • Pay significantly less. Auctions are the only time that you get a chance to win a vehicle for more than 85% its book value. In other words, should you be lucky to find a 2015 model of an F-Ford 150, you may end up spending only $3,150 instead of $17,850.

There are hundreds of car auctions in Canada, and some of them may be within your area. To make sure that you know when they happen, subscribe to a dependable auto auctions listing such as Every week, the list is updated to reflect any upcoming or ongoing auctions in the country.

With these car auctions, now you have the opportunity to buy the best-selling vehicle in the country.

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