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Extended Car Warranty: Here Is Why You Should Get Extended Car Warranty

A large number of people are going in for extended auto warranties for their cars in order to safeguard themselves and their bank accounts against expensive repairs. Extended auto warranties are just like normal warranties that will cover the costs of repairs and maintenance of your car for an agreed-upon period of time. However, unlike real warranties, the cost of an extended auto warranty is not included in the cost of your vehicle and you have to pay extra in order to avail it. In fact, an extended auto warranty is better defined as a service contract whereby an automobile owner pays a warranty company some amount in order to get his or her car covered by an extended warranty. Extended auto warranties differ from real warranties in a number of other ways. For one, you have to buy an extended auto warranty by paying extra and it does not come free with your automobile. Secondly, an extended car warranty starts only when the manufacturer’s warranty on your vehicle expires.

It is mainly because of the second reason that buying an extended car warranty is extremely important. Most manufacturers cover their products till the period they think that their cars or automobiles will keep on functioning properly without giving much trouble. For example, if Honda covers a car for five years, then you can rest assured that nothing drastically wrong will go happen to the car for five years and neither will it require any major repairs or servicing during this period. At the same time, most automobile owners are aware of the fact that they might be in for heavy repair, servicing and replacement bills once the manufacturer’s warranty on a car is over. Therefore, it is best to buy an extended auto warranty that will take care of all maintenance and wear and tear related repairs and replacements once the manufacturer’s warranty on a car runs out.

Many people think that they do not need extended auto warranties because they have bought a car that has a great record and hardly goes in for repairs. In fact, they would be surprised to know that most companies do not even offer extended car warranties on expensive vehicles like Porsches, BMWs and Mercs not because they never need repairs but because when they do, they are very very costly. So no matter what brand of car you own, getting an extended auto warranty is advised if you really do not want to pay through your nose whenever you have to get anything repaired or changed. Even if your vehicle does have a reputation for having an amazing power train, remember that no car can ever avoid wear and tear related repairs and problems, and this is where your extended auto warranty might save you a packet. Another major concern is that there is a variety of new fangled stuff that is bound to err in a lot of today’s cars—sun roofs, DVD players, power roofs and navigation systems. The actual life of most of these instruments is never more than the manufacturer’s warranty and only an extended auto warranty can save you from spending thousands on such repairs.

When buying an extended auto warranty, keep three very important things in mind—

1. Buy your extended warranty as soon as possible, since this is when you get the best rates.
2. Pay extra but get a warranty that is not just “mechanical” or “breakdown” but covers “wear and tear” as well.
3. Go for a warranty with 0 deductibles instead of paying extra cash every time you take your car in for repairs.

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