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Different Types of Auto Auctions Defined

When a person decides to buy a car, they make the choice of whether it is going to be a first hand or used car.  And ofcourse there are options available when it comes to buying the car as well. They could either go to the car dealer, or pick it up at auto auctions. The advantage of being part of auto auctions is one gets to see the wide range of cars on sale, and get a good price for them as well. This works best especially for those who cannot afford a first hand car, but would really love to own a car.

With respect to auto auctions, there are different types available. Some of them are 
as follows,

Public auto auctions:
When there are auto auctions happening in your locality by the governing board or auctioneers, it is called as public auto auctions. You could get information about these from your local coffee shops or the daily paper. There are bound to be cars, both new and used ones up for sale in these. But the number of cars might be less since it involves a certain demographic location only. The vehicles up for sale could be those impounded by the traffic police or those that were found abandoned. In big cities, these auctions are held once in twice weeks or at times depending on number of cars up for grabs.

Government auto Auctions:
Another kind of car auction that is very popular is the Government Auto auctions, which is held by Government run organisations, or the US Customs department. The General Administration service also participates in this auction, for they get the opportunity to sell their used automobiles, trucks, bikes, cars, SUV’s all of which are in good condition. The vehicles auctioned are mostly Government surplus vehicles, when they buy new ones, auctions are held to dispose the older ones. These auctions are where car enthusiasts to pick up vehicles at runaway prices.

Online Auto Auctions:
A method of auto auction that is gaining popularity is where cars are auctioned on the web world. There are many sites that deal with cars, used and new, which put out the cars up for sale, and invite bids from interested parties. People can search the net, find these sites, register with them and go about finding their dream car. This works best for people who travel a lot, or don’t have time to personally go visit the dealer, or auction venues, to inspect the vehicle. They rely on the information provided on the net, make their bid and wait to see who gets the vehicle. Online auto auctions are where people can purchase cars from cities other than theirs, and get a wider choice of purchase.

No matter what mode of purchase you decide on, remember that auctions are the best bet, allowing you to inspect the vehicle you finish the whole process in less than a couple of hours and get to drive home your new car.

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