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Corvette Roadtest New 2008 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 LZ3:

Comfortable and smooth driving along with a luxurious look is what most car-owners desire in their pair of wheels. Chevrolet Corvette Z06 LZ3 is car that has been fulfilling all their desire. It is a two-passenger and two-door sports car.

Its latest version, 2008 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 LZ3, is another treat to the eyes of a Corvette fan. Let us check out some of the features that have differentiated this masterpiece from other cars of similar size.

Standard Features

2008 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 LZ3 has a V8, standard 7.0 liter engine providing 505 horsepower that would attain 24-mpg on highways and 15-mpg within the city. Again, it has an overdrive complementing standard six-speed manual transmission.

The exterior appearance of the car is rather sleek with an on-choice metallic paint, mud guards and spoiler at the rear. With Goodyear tires and alloy wheels, it has tinted glass windows. The rear windows also have a defroster. Again, you get dual sun-visors and vanity mirrors with dual illumination at the front with intermittent wipers on the windshield.

The car is gifted with steering columns including tilt, power telescopic and position memory. There are 2 power outlets in the front and battery of 12volts that keep up with the various types of suspension including stabilizer bar at the rear end.

Braking Features

As far as the braking features are concerned, each of the wheels has anti-lock braking system along with disc brakes that are vented both at the front as well as rear ends. The traction control includes all speeds and measures the steering wheels angle. On the other hand, it also includes 3.42 slip differentials that are limited, yaw rate, lateral acceleration and wheel speed.

Instrumentation Features

It provides illuminated entry, two reading lights in the front along with delayed courtesy and trunk lights. Again, it also comprises of halogen headlights with twin projector. Its discharge lights are of high intensity xenon coupled with fog-lights in the front and running lights for daytime. The other digital items in the car include digital clock, compass cruise-control, oil pressure-gauge and similar others, which are now a necessity for almost all cars.

Safety & Storage Features

The safety measures are pretty smooth for this car being well equipped with remote controls and releases along with locks & anti-theft mechanisms. Both the driver as well as the passenger airbag is provided with dual-stage deployment. There are 3-point seatbelts in the front with guard beams on the side of the car. In case of an accident, the crash sensor immediately sends a GPS signal.

Again, seat of the driver can be adjusted in six ways and the storage is lockable even from the front and fitted with illuminated glove-box. There are cargo nets and area cover in the storage. The mounted storage is in fact a dual door facility. The ventilation, heating and air conditioning system of 2008 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 LZ3 includes pollen air-filter as well as automatic climate-control.

2008 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 LZ3 with a reasonable price range is a complete package that one would look forward to procure as its current up-gradation is superior in its own league.

Tech Specs

Body: Two door Coupe

Engine: 7.0 liter V8 505 hp

Transmission: 6 – speed manual

Torque: 470 ft/lbs

Power: 505 horsepower

Tyres: 275/35R18


For: You will have a comfortable driving experience. Again, an improved appearance from previous versions with reasonable price tag

Against: Gearing can be a bit smaller. Again, the comfort level in the car can also have some improvement.

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