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Choosing between Car Dealers & Car Auctions

If a person was given the choice of choosing between car dealers and car auctions, they would find the dealer easier to manage than any auction, be it a government auction, a repo auction or a police auction. This is because people are intimidated by the thought of bidding for a vehicle as they do not know much about it, and then the dealer is more convenient as he will do all the leg work for you and all you have to do is to approve of the vehicle and maybe bargain a bit about the price. So used car auctions would be the second choice.

Benefits of car auctions compared to car dealers

What the prospective buyer should realize is that at an auction the price that he is going to pay for the car is under his control and he can bid for it up to a certain mark which he feels is sufficient for it and not beyond it; whereas if he goes to a dealer the price has to include a profit for the seller as well as a commission for the dealer. Bidding is not all that difficult and once you watch the others at it you will get the hang of it and maybe do better than some of the veteran bidders.

The cars at the dealers are ex auctions cars

Something that most buyers are not aware of is the fact that dealers are regulars at all the auctions and pick up a bulk of the cars from there at really cheap prices which they then sell to customers for a sizeable profit. So instead of allowing the dealer to make a profit on these cheap cars, why not avail of it yourself and save a lot of money.

There are benefits in buying cars from dealers too, because once you have bid for a car there is no going back on the bid and if the car you have bought turns out to be a big disappointment there is nothing much you can do about it. So if you buy a car through a dealer he would have made sure that the car is really worth while and in good condition before he picked it up at the auctioneers. Dealers are much more experienced in these deals and are knowledgeable in getting the best vehicles. So if you do not want to take a chance and would prefer to depend on the expertise of the dealer, then you just have to spend a little extra money on the deal.

Car dealers or car auctions

The pros and cons of choosing between the two are almost the same and a lot depends on the buyers intelligence and how he goes about picking a car that will not give him much trouble in the future and which he can use and depend on for a long time. If the buyer inspects the car thoroughly before he bids for it and is sure of the condition of the vehicle there is nothing to stop him from bidding for the car.

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