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Do you know that your car dealers may sometimes sell you used cars they buy from car auctions? The most common decision taken by anybody who wishes to buy a car is to visit the car lots. You can find many dealers pretending to offer you the lowest price than any other place. If their words attract you, you will end paying a lot of money for a car. There is another alternative to buy a new car at a lower price if you can spend some time before finalizing your car. It is the car auctions. Many vehicle auctions are conducted all over US without much publicity.

Cheap cars are available at these auctions where you can buy a car for a value much less than its market price. Many car dealers know where used car auctions are being held. They go to the place and buy a near brand-new car at much lesser price. Sometimes, you can find these cars in the car lots. Nobody can distinguish a new car from a near brand-new car bought from the live auctions.

When you buy a car from local auctions, you not only save money but you can also bypass cheap dealer tactics. You are free to inspect the auctioned vehicles and you can take an expert with you for inspection. Many financial institutions sell repo auctions where they sell cars repossessed from their debtors. The starting price of the car is set based on the value of the debt. In most of the cases, cars will be seized from the debtors for small debts and you can expect to buy cheap cars from these car auctions.

Another great place from which you can buy cars at lower price is the government auctions. Cars used by government officials will be auctioned by government agencies. Sometimes, an outside agency is hired to hold an auction. These cars will be of good condition since they were used by officials at higher ranks. Police auctions sell seized cars most of the times. Whenever a vehicle owner abandons the law, his car will be seized. If he is not able to pay for his fault, his car will be seized by the police departments. Police auctions will not be advertised much and the auctions will end soon.

Online auctions are popular where you can buy any car of your choice at cheap prices. Sometimes, the auctioned cars need some repair work. If this is the case, you have to ensure that your repair cost does not exceed your savings. You car buying a car from car auctions to save money and there is no point in choosing online auctions if you don’t save money. Today, government auctions and other used car auctions are advertised in many websites. If you browse your city website, you will get all information related to auctions in your city. You can then participate in any one or more of those auctions to buy a car.

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