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Can Public car auctions work for you?

Public car auctions are the best places to buy cheap cars if you are ready to buy used cars. You cannot expect a new car for about $1500 and there is nothing wrong to have a used car as a second car for your family. These cars will look great, but may need some small repair and once done, you have a car available for your teenager. Many people assume they are not allowed to take part in public car auctions. Only some live auctions ask dealers license while many of the local auctions allow anybody to bid on a car.

The cars for public car auctions come from various sources like seized or repo cars, used cars, police cars, or government cars. The government and police cars are interesting because they have excellent mileage irrespective of the number of years for which they have been in use. The government cars will be maintained well and they are generally used to take the officials to various places. These cars will be used less but they need no repair most of the times. You may also see an almost new repo car in the live auctions. The sight of a car used for just two days is not uncommon with the local auctions.

In the past decades, the used car auctions were advertised in the local media. Even today, your local newspaper can give you information about local auctions in your area. Many online websites have an auction database containing information about live auctions. At a minimal charge, you will be given access to the database. If you are a reseller, you can easily make atleast $1500 profit by buying a car from local auctions. You can then resell the used car at the market price and make great profits.

The online auctions are now conducted as public car auctions where anybody can take part in the auction. You may be located in one state and you can participate in the local auctions in other states if you have access to online auctions websites. The number of cars you can find in these auctions is also huge and you can find top brand cars easily. Buying a car at low price is fascinating but stick to your budget when you bid on cars. Just because a car is available, you should not buy it without inspection. Include the repair cost in your bid price and see if you can buy the car. If someone else bids more and wins, don’t be disappointed as more cars will be available in the online auctions.

When you take part in live auctions, you can drive away your car after paying the full amount. You are allowed to inspect the car before you bid. This is not possible with online auctions because the websites provide only information on the cars. If you win the bid in an online auction, you should pay the full amount to ship the car to your address. Before receiving the car, you can inspect it. If you find the car in the website is different from the one you received, you can return the car and your money will be refunded to you deducting the shipping cost.

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