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Buying impounded cars at Police car auctions

Police car auctions are great places to look for cheap cars in good condition. Most of the impounded cars will be middle-aged but it is not uncommon to fine new cars too. These are seized by the police officials because of violation of rules by the drivers. Many like to buy impounded cars from police auctions because of the assured quality of the car. The seized car was in good running condition at the time of repossession. Sometimes, you may even find luxury cars listed in police auctions.

Though you can get cars at a fraction of its retail price, you should out in efforts to find the auction. Police auctions are not publicized by advertising in the media. You may be surprised to know that these government auctions are conducted often in your area without much publicity. Registered auction houses also take the responsibility of holding these auctions and they are conducted almost every week. You will get to know about the live auction of impound cars if you contact the police station in your area. Any person who is not legally detained from buying a car can take part in the police car auctions.

To take part in police car auctions, you must register yourself as a bidder before the auction. Only bidders with bidder number are allowed to bid on the car. This number will be allocated to you at the time of registration. While most of the auctions want you to pay a small fee for registration, many auctions are free to participate. Before deciding the bid amount, go to the auction site and inspect the car. You can take a mechanic with you to analyze the condition of the car. You must know the history of the car. This is provided to you in most of the government auctions, but you can also collect this information if you have the VIN number of the car.

Once the bidding starts, you can start bidding on the car and the amount should be a little higher than the starting bid price. The inspection should reveal the repair cost involved and keep this in mind when you bid. If you see the competitors raising the price of the car, stay quiet because the value may exceed your budget. You need to pay the money in full when you win the bid and so, it is important to keep the money ready before you participate in the auction. Even if you lose bid on one car, start bidding on another. You can always get a cheap car from police car auctions if you put in consistent efforts.

If you have plans to drive the car back to your home, you should carry your driver’s license and insurance number. The legal status of the person will be considered by the police before handing over the car. Cars of almost all brands will be auctioned in these police auctions. You will be able to spot your favorite car in the impounded cars list, but before buying, check for the number of years the car has been in garage.

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