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Government Auctions in Iowa for Cheap Used Cars

For the best maintained used cars which are in great condition participate in the government auctions in Iowa. This is the best place to find cheap cars which are in great condition and at very affordable rates. Those who are interested in getting a used car for themselves must also have heard of the cars at repo auctions which are conducted by the government and which are at prices far below the actual market value of the car. Most people will wonder whether there is any truth in these statements and whether there is a hitch in this offer.

Find out if government car auctions are really affordable

This is a very true claim and for those in doubt a visit to one of the auction sites will prove this. All used car auctions have cars from various sources and many different vehicle auctions being put up for sale. The vehicles have been impounded, seized and confiscated for various reasons and auctioned at the many live auctions which are held regularly in every town in the country. These vehicles are an expense on the government by way of cost for storage and maintenance. To ensure that this is reduced the vehicles are sold at gov auctions which are open to the public at really affordable prices. The prices are often less than half of the market value of the cars and have a large crowd bidding for them.

Once the car has been used it has the status of a used car and the market value depreciates. This is another reason why the cars are sold so cheap at the live auctions.

Locate a vehicle auction

To locate a vehicle auction in your part of the town is no problem as an online search will give you a large list of auctions which will be happening regularly in your locality and also in every town in the country at regular intervals. Apart from an online search you could even find the auctions mentioned in classified advertisements in the daily newsletters. Another source which will tell you about repo auctions are the banks and other organizations that lend money to buyers for their new cars. Once the buyer lapses in his payments towards the loan amount the vehicles are confiscated by the law to be sold and part of the loan money recovered. The departments in the banks and other organizations will be able to give you information on pre-foreclosed cars and other vehicles which will be put up for sale soon. They can also give you information on the local auctions where these vehicles will be put up for auction.

Great cars at police auctions

Among the used cars which are put up for auction the police auctions have some of the best maintained cars which are very near perfect. These cars are kept in great shape right through their service period and the police department keeps all their vehicles well maintained and serviced right through. The only reason these vehicles are sold off at auctions is because the police department has a mandatory rule to replace their fleets after a certain period regardless of how good the condition of their existing fleet is in.

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