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Public Police Auctions for Cheap Cars in Wichita

Auctions which are open to the public like the public police auctions at Wichita are known for their cheap cars which are in great condition and which are really worth buying if you are interested in getting a used car for yourself. The cars that are sold at police auctions or for that matter at any of the government auctions will save you thousands of dollars are they are priced at real discounted prices. The auction prices are less than half of the market value of the vehicles and can give the buyer a real profitable deal if he clinches the bid and gets the car of his choice. Look for the best buys at the various auctions which will be happening in your town and make some profitable deals.

Locating great used car auctions

Locating auctions which are going to take place in your own vicinity is really no problem as you can do an online search by mentioning the area of the auction which you would like to search for. You will find a large number of auctions popping up and you can then search for the type of car you want to buy to see which auction it will be available at. There will probably be several cars of this type in many auctions and you could register with them so that you can bid for them at he auctions. Make a note of the auctions with the dates and the time and location where they will be held.

There will be repo auctions, gov auctions and many other local auctions where you can take your pick from. If you want to speak to the auctioneer you could even call them up and find out more details about the auctions. Used car dealers will also know about used car auctions, but would try to sell you the car through their own channels and this would cost you extra money as you would have to pay the car dealer his commission too. It is better to locate the auction on your own and go about this deal directly with the auctioneer. This way you will get to save a lot of money.

Short list a few cars and inspect them

Once you have registered with the auctioneers you will be eligible to get a complete list of the cars which they will be putting up for auction. See what suits your requirements and shortlist these vehicles. The next thing would be to go and physically inspect these vehicles to see what condition they are in. Most auctioneers allow you to inspect the interiors and exteriors and to rev up the engine to see the sounds. The only thing you cannot do is to move the car from where it is located. Anyhow this would give you an idea of the exact condition of the vehicle and you can find out what price it would fetch in the open market. Based on this you can settle for the discounted price at an auction and start bidding for it. Remember to always start at a low bid so that it does not escalate beyond a reasonable price for the car and beyond your budget.

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