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The best public car auctions are now being lapped up by the masses. Everyone can see what a steal deal they can get at live auto auctions and they don’t want to be left behind while others make bargains. Car auctions in Florida and Dallas car auctions are famous, as are the public car auctions in several cities throughout the country. Some of the live auto auctions may be restricted to the residents of a particular city. For example, live auto auctions like the Dallas car auctions may be open for anyone in the city and nearby areas, while some other auctions like online deals maybe open for people countrywide.

More about public car auctions

Live auctions are usually announced a few days in advance through the local newspapers or weekly auto magazines. Thus, the people are now invited to have a look at the automobiles available on display. They can get mechanics or other people who can inspect the cars to their satisfaction before they think about bidding on it. New or almost-new vehicles are always available in Government auctions. These are the ones that might have been seized from mortgage defaulters. At times, people go on a buying spree, neglecting their loans. In such cases, the vehicles are taken over by the banks or agencies. Several times, arrests are made for business frauds and the automobiles are then seized. All such vehicles are auctioned off to the general public by the Government. Private agencies may conduct the auction process on contract.


Normally, live auto auctions have timings like 9 am to 5 or 6 pm. Online auctions take place often, as and when sufficient number of vehicles are ready to be sold. These vehicles may have been hired by others for a while and they are normally in good driving conditions. So the people need not worry about looking at a car that needs a lot of repairs. The people interested in participating might need to submit their driving license before they take a test drive. The documents may be supplied if the bidder wants to inspect them. Biddings then take place and when the deal is made, the payments are expected to be made at the earliest. A time period is allotted, within which the payments are supposed to be made. Financing is available for such deals.

Online car auctions

If you are looking for car auctions in Florida or Dallas car auctions, why not check out a good Government auction site online? Such places offer you free updates if you register and give out your desired specifications in advance. Information on potential bargains will be mailed to you every now and then. You can wait just a little to get the best deals. You can be assured of reliability. Why pay for unnecessary third parties and other processing charges when you can simple pay for the vehicle only? The deals can go as low as up to 90% off! So study the options and have your pick.

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