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BMW e92 Series Review: 2008 BMW e92 M3 Coupe a car worth buying

Power, precision and passion; the three words that highlight the latest 2008 BMW e92 M3 Coupe.  A very comfortable vehicle, it is a 2-door sports car, which can also be used in the streets and highways.

An aggressive hood, short body hangs, sleek roofs all give the 2008 BMW e92 M3 Coupe an attraction on the roads. The curves and outer lines are so marked that gives an added beauty to the 2008 BMW e92 M3 Coupe.
With top class performance, the 2008 BMW e92 Coupe gives a different driving experience on the roads. Equipped with 4.0 litre DOHC V8 engine, the e92 M3 has a horsepower of 420 at 8,300rpm and 295 lb-ft of torque at 3,900rpm.
The 2008 BMW e92 M3 Coupe seems to be a big car. But once inside, you do not feel driving a big car though it is a bit huge at the top. The seats are comfortable and come in the latest soft leathers, which makes the driving so enjoyable. There is enough legroom and also headroom that makes an easy drive. And the dashboards come in true colours and have the minimal gauges. The steering wheel is thick and a smaller, which gives a good hold. 
The 2008 BMW e92 M3 Coupe comes in lighter weight as it is fitted with Lightweight carbon-fibre roof, which also lowers its centre of gravity. The exterior is fitted with massive front air intakes, which provides ample air for combustion and cooling of the high performance V8 engine. The wind tunnel developed side mirrors give a sporty look to the 2008 BMW e92 M3 Coupe.
The new 2008 BMW e92 M3 Coupe can hit a speed of 160 mph.  It can even go faster. But you do not feel like driving in such speed, but feels like gliding. This makes the 2008 BMW e92 M3 Coupe a real different car. Even though the 2008 BMW e92 M3 Coupe has an output of 420hp at 8,300 rpm, you cannot hear the engine sound; so smooth it runs with the great trust.
Having a displacement of 3,999cc, it has eight individual throttle butterflies and includes variable VANOS control on both the intake and exhaust camshafts, which is an added feature that you find in the 2008 BMW e92 M3 Coupe. There is also an energy recovery system, which uses the energy released when brakes are applied.

You can drive any road, be it bumpy, as the 2008 BMW e92 M3 Coupe is fitted with the Electronic Damper Control system.

2008 BMW e92 M3 Coupe

Engine 4.0 litre DOHC V8 engine, 420 hp at 8,300rpm 

Transmission: Six-speed manual transmission

Handling: a very good grip in the roads even at 160 mph.

Safety: having all sophisticated safety devices.

Value: affordable and has the look of a luxurious car.

Tech Specs

Engine: DOHC V8 engine, 420 hp
Transmission: 6 speed manual transmission

Torque: 295 lb at 3,900rpm.
Power: 420 hp at 8,300rpm 


For: New twin-turbo engine

Against: Long clutch throw

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