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BMW 5 Series Review: 2008 BMW 5 Series 535xi Sports Wagon

The biggest advantage of a 2008 BMW 5 Series 535xi Sports Wagon is that it gives you all characteristics of a sedan but with easily thrice the capacity for cargo. This is the perfect family car for outings and excursions as it can carry the whole family and all that each one wants to take along. The cargo capacity is 17.6 cubic feet in the 535xi Sports Wagon as compared to 14 cubic feet in the Sedan of the 5 series. However this increases to 58.3 cubic feet when the seats in the rear are folded. While the rear seats are up the cargo area is covered. All these maneuvers are powered and can be operated with the push of a button.

Driving and seating comfort

Everything can be controlled from the panel board which looks and feels similar to an aircraft’s controls. Right from cruise control to various other aspects like turn signals and wipers are all controlled with buttons. The read outs on the panel like the fuel control and odometer are also controlled by buttons on the signal stalk.

To add to the driving comfort the technology used makes it so much simpler in small ways, like the starting of the vehicle does not require a key. There are simple maneuvers with the key fob in your pocket which opens doors and starts the engine.

The seating, both in front and at the back is extremely comfortable with the seat extensions that give support to the back and the thighs. The seats in the front are almost similar to easy chairs and give good support to the back.

The manual mode for transmission need not be used at all as the automatic modes are very accurate even while driving on rough terrain and winding roads. The 230 horse power, which is the capacity of this wagon, is transmitted automatically to the rear wheels by the streptronic transmission. The shifter, with its three positions, though simple needs a little getting used to.

Passenger comfort appliances

The temperature control HVAC system maintains the temperature at a comfortable level quickly. The sound system is another one that is excellent and once switched on the passenger would be reluctant to put off. The sunroof to let light into the vehicle is large and there is one for rear passengers and one for those sitting in front.

Over all the 535xi Sport Wagon would be a dream vehicle to own. The vehicle has all the features that anyone would want or need in a vehicle which are its cargo capacity, comfort and the power. This vehicle also has the all wheel drive feature if and when required.

Technical specifications of the BMW 535xi Sports Wagon

Cargo volume: 17.6 or 58.3 cu. ft. as per the position of the rear seat

Engine: 3litre with six inline
Torque/Horsepower: 230horsepower @ 6500 r/m
Transmission: Steptronic automatic along with non-auto/manual mode, 6-speed
Wheelbase: 113.6 in.
Tires: P245/4 0R 18
Economy: 16 mpg city or 24 mpg highway or 18.2 mpg test
Fuel capacity: 18.5 gal.
Length x Width x Height: 191.2 x 72.7 x 58.7 in.

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