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BMW 5 Series Review: 2008 BMW 5 Series 535i Sedan: A twin turbo car

The BMW series is out to take the auto world by storm. This is one series which excels in almost all areas and gets the nod from critics. The 5 series surpass expectations in the road test. We can safely say that the 5 series sedans from BMW are nearly the perfect sedans we can wish for. The original launches in 2003 were quite okay but this new series has almost everything that an average customer would want and much more. The 5 series Sports sedans from the BMW stable are quite similar, with subtle differences. But the overall design, performance and comfort are appreciable in all the models.

We focus our attention on the 2008 BMW 5 Series 535i Sedan, a twin turbo sports sedan that has been well received in the market. The smallest change comes with the engine numbering, which is only natural since the engine design itself has changed from the original. The pricing is not quite steep, at about $50,000, if you check out the performance, safety features and of course, the comfort interiors and stylish exteriors.


The 535i is a 4 door sports sedan. Among the various sedans in the 2008 BMW 5 series, the 535i is the speediest model. Thanks to the twin turbo 6 cylinder engine with 3.0 liter capacity, the car performs and how! This is a much anticipated improvement with about 45 hp increase on the original 530i. The 300 hp engine does away with the need for v8 or manual transmission. The car reaches 60 mph in 5.5 seconds flat. One other point that deserves applause is the excellent braking system which allows you to stop the car from any high speed level in quick time. Also, the car accelerates excellently and very quickly, leaving the driver delighted. The degree of driving control is worth of mention and the car delivers a smooth drive. The 6 speed automatic transmission could be a trendsetter for future cars in the medium sports sedan category.

Extra features

There is an optional Sports Package for serious sports drivers. As far as interiors and exteriors are concerned, the car makes you go wow. The seats are comfortable and even the rear seats are adult size. In short, the sedan combines the small size of sports cars with the comfort of a luxury car, which is exactly what the market needs now. For about $2,100, one can opt for automatic dimming and approach light system, as well as garage opening mechanism and luxurious leather upholstery, all of which are included in the Premium Package. Subtle improvements like the LED tail lights and newly designed innovative front of the car deserve mention.

But one thing that does not go down so well with the user is the iDrive, which is meant to ease navigation but is actually far too complicated for the average driver to control.


The car is a beauty when it comes to design, safety and performance but needs to rethink the iDrive system. Affordable, and the optional enhancements are plenty and diverse, making the car a success.

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