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BMW 1 Series Coupe Review: Roadtest New 2008 BMW 1 Series Coupe 128i

Say BMW and say luxury and sheer style. But BMW has not yet disappointed the serious car enthusiast and the new 2008 BMW 1 Series Coupe 128i also has the qualities that would delight BMW lovers. But there has been a change of a different sort in this new unveiling, or so it seems. The notion that ‘big means luxury’ is slightly outdated. Apparently, BMW has also taken to this new concept of luxury in small. The 2008 BMW 1 Series Coupe 128i has a lot to say in favor of this new trend. It shows off its new design in an attempt to outshine its bigger cousins from the BMW family.

The smaller BMW model is here to weave through difficult traffic comfortably. Is the BMW 1 series good enough in most areas? Let’s take a look. As for a comfortable ride, this car wins, with its solid vibration resistant frame. This model has a rear wheel driving design and this works with regard to control of the car. With stability monitoring, traction control and automatic (6 speed) transmission, pressure control system, the car seems to have it all.

Currently, the engine design stands at 3 liter, 6 in Valvetronic mode, 220 lb-feet, and 300 hp. Alloy wheels spice up the car’s look. As for other major design qualities together with the improved EPS, the car has good automatic climate control, power windows, telescope or tilt wheel, good wipers. It makes for a good convertible for the driver with its utility cloth top that also saves space.

On a road test, the car launches into 100 kmph in just 6.9 seconds. The driver can have a great degree of control over the steering and the drive is smooth. The series in general could do with some more power, though this particular model has an additional assist for its mileage enhancement. The assist comes in the form of hydraulic power in the U.S release of the 2008 BMW 1 Series Coupe 128i. The car has some other great features like the Sun reflective technology which can cool down your hot leather seats in summer for a comfortable drive! It also has a trim LCD panel for display if you want. But yes, the 1 series is surprisingly bigger than expected, although in the mini range only.

BMW seems to have worked on a mini series with all its heart and soul and here is the result. Size has nothing to do with luxury and that is confidently stated by the new design of the 2008 BMW 1 Series Coupe 128i. Its design spells luxury. Or does it? Sources reveal that the backseats seem to be slightly cramped. The same goes for the cargo area. And lack of room is not so luxurious for the classy car enthusiast. But all said and done, this new model from BMW certainly deserves the attention, as the new concept of luxury storms into our lives yet again. It is certainly a delight to drive.

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