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Anyone who wants to buy a car from one of the auto auction sources can get a bargain buy from the surplus and seized vehicles at the government auctions. Vehicles of various makes and models are available at these auto auction sources and other government auctions.

Buyers could get themselves the best vehicles like Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Lexus, Dodge, Fords, Pontiacs, Audis, Hondas, Cadillac, Jaguars, Porsche or even a Mercedes Benz. These vehicles can be yours at the most amazingly affordable prices, which even the less expensive models would cost more than if you go to a showroom sale. Getting fantastic vehicles at such low prices and at quick sales is only possible at the various vehicle auctions or auto auction sources.

How are these vehicles so affordable?

These vehicles are from the ones that have been seized by the police the FBI or IRS from persons who have gone bankrupt and not paid their car loans, or from those who have been involved in drug peddling and probate sales. As these vehicles cost the government a tremendous amount of money to store and maintain them, there is pressure to sell them off as fast as possible and as cheaply too, to avoid building up the expenses on the government any more. These vehicles are then put up for sale at vehicle auctions, government auctions or auto auction sources.

When and where are these auctions held?

These auctions are held regularly at various towns and states in the country on a regular basis and you could get yourself your dream vehicle like a Mercedes Benz or any other luxury car at any of the vehicle auctions, government auctions or auto auction sources. So put a note in your diary for the next auction that is going to be held in your town and make it a point to buy your second vehicle from here at the most rock bottom price in the market. There is no need to feel downcast if you do not get the vehicle of your choice the first time around, because these auctions are held on almost a weekly interval and the next auction is just around the corner. So wait for your Mercedes Benz and you will surly be able to own one soon.

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