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Portland seized auto auctions: Local Government auctions

Planning to update your old sedan for a sexy red convertible? Or looking for an affordable SUV for taking your family for a vacation to Florida? Scan through the local newspapers for local government auctions for seized cars. Though not much publicized police auctions and government auctions are your best bet to get great vehicles at super reasonable prices.

First step towards buying that perfect automobile is to keep an open eye for government auctions advertisements on local channels, papers or on government official vehicle auctions site so that you don’t miss out on the time and venue. You can even contact your local bank and government authorities to check when these vehicle auctions are going to be conducted. Another simple option is to go online and search for the gov auctions which are happening in your neighborhood. You can even register at the official government auctions site and request the details for the repo auctions vehicles which will help you to plan for your bid in advance.

Government auctions and Police auctions may be held separately and you can visit both to check out for booty.  These used car auctions contrarily to the popular belief doesn’t auction the vehicles seized from the criminals but auctions the cars seized from tax evades or from law breaking drivers. Repo auctions sell cars seized from the auto loan defaulters or bank defaulters who had offered their vehicles as collaterals.

These government auctions and police auctions are the favorite spots frequented by car dealers which help them in making a quick profit. These resellers buy almost unused cars from these vehicle auctions at almost one third there cost and then selling them the very next day to a buyer at almost double the price. Though most of these cars are well maintained caution must be executed while buying salvaged cars from these local auctions. Though they may apparently appear to be good with the car’s body being properly serviced and repainted take a view of an auto expert friend before making such purchases. You should also be cautious while buying cars which are being sold by the owners to purchase new cars. You should not hesitate in asking about the cars history before finalizing the deals at any vehicle auctions.

As these government auctions and repo auctions are visited by veterans’ car dealers and expert resellers who have mastered the art of bidding it is advisable to attend a couple of live auctions to learn the trick of the trades before you start bidding. Be patient, prudent and observe the masters at game and then make a bid for your dream wheels. Also remember that more then the price you should look for a good deal. Cars sold in repo auctions are usually in a better state and may cost slightly higher then the same models being put up in government auctions or local auctions. Therefore look for a deal which not only sounds monetarily good but also offers you a good quality vehicle which saves you workshop visits and ultimately result in greater savings.

So visit one of the government auctions in Portland to drive home your dream!!!

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