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Winterize – Preparing Your Car for the Winter Months

Are you planning to winterize your car? Do you live in an area that is prone to extremely cold winter weather conditions?

Roads during the winter season can be very dangerous and having a ride there under a winter storm can be a big hustle. So, it’s your duty to prepare your car for the winter drive, go for a servicing, drive safely, and don’t forget to keep a winter car emergency kit.

The winter can impact car health. The freezing temperature may cause problems to your vehicles like thick brake fluid and deflating tires etc.

So, here you will get some tips on preparing your car for the winter season.

Tips on preparing your car for winter

Winter is already started, so, during this time, you can do a few things to prepare your car. To winterize your vehicle, keep in mind that it may consume your money and time, so, plan accordingly to ready your car, following the winter checklist.


  • Check the tire tread: Inspect your car’s tires, examine the tread wear of the car and rotate them on every oil change.  Now use the “penny test “to check the tire’s tread.

Get a penny and put it in the tread groove of the tire. Please place it in such a way that Lincoln’s head faces you. Jag the penny within the tread makes sure Lincoln’s head disappears in the rib. Now see if you see the entire head, then it is time to change your tires.

  • Fill up the tires: Your tire’s air pressure can be a big issue in winter. It must be full of air pressure during the cold season, because low air filling can be dangerous on roads. So, take your vehicle to the mechanic and check your tire’s pressure. If necessary, fill your tires to full.
  • Get the winter tires: Do smart investment and purchase winter tires for your car during this season. During the snow fall, driving become dangerous. And the fact is general tires are not capable or have strong grip on the snowy road, as a result, you may lose control over the car. To prevent any accident, you must switch to winter tires.

The Winter tires give better traction on the snow, 33% faster from the stop sign. It also reduces your stopping space by about 30-ft. These also perform best on ice, reduce the side skid on turning points, and stop you 48% faster.

  • Rotate your car tires or replace them: If the tires are strung out, they need replacement before the frost. But if it is in ok condition, then relax. You can rotate them and be sure it has proper threading on the tires. The back of your car needs better treading tires to ignore spinouts, especially when the snow is deep on the road.
  • Keep checking the brakes: The brakes seek more attention in winter compared to other seasons, as it stays under more strain in the cold. You need to check your brakes before and during midwinter.

The snow brings moisture on the brakes, and the salt makes rust stain on rotors, and the rust prevents brakes from working smoothly.

Brakes and fluids

  • Switch brake fluids: The precipitation during winter might degrade the brake fluids. In winter, the brake fluids become dirty. You need to get fresh liquid for your brakes. Liquids are formulated especially for winter, as the winter washer liquid does not freeze in the cold.

  • Top up windshield fluids: Make sure you have enough windscreen wiper fluid in the reserve to wash and wipe you windscreen when you need.  Otherwise you could create a dangerous driving situation.
  • Purchase new wiper blades: Driving in a winter storm is tricky; so don’t neglect the wiper blades. It helps you to clear your vision while you drive. And in winter, a perfect wiper is needed to remove the snow from the car. It may cost you $20 only and, if you can’t fix it for yourself then don’t worry as the installation charge is also low (some technicians may even do it for you for free).

Do not ignore these blades during the cold weather, as they attend to demote quickly. The snow can destroy the blades, glasses of your car. So, replace it before winter comes.

Battery and electrics

  • Maintain your car Battery: Winter season slowdowns the car engine and the battery. Batteries avail to die during winter. The terminal and battery post corrosion may prevent the car from starting at this time. The battery terminal and cable terminal need to be clean.

Protect the battery terminals with a protectant spray.

Ensure you have inspected the battery’s cables and fluid professionally, and make the necessary replacement.  Then your car will be ready to go for the winter.


  • Regulate your Heater: Having a short drive-in winter may not feel burdensome without having a heater. But what if you have to go for a long drive or are stuck in the car for a long time without heat in your car. Therefore, placing a working heater will give you comfort in cold weather.
  • Always keep your Gas Tank full: Remember while the gas tank has space in it, the space will be filled with moisture. And the humidity can dilute the fuel and put an exceeding strain inside the car’s pump or other parts. If the moisture freezes inside the tank, then it can cause damage.

Hence, it is always better to keep your tank half full. If your car is off the road, then keep it full. A full tank prevents the unused car from suffering from damage caused by inside moisture.

  • Polish the Window Tracks: Water can seep in the window tracks, which may jam the window. To prevent this problem, simply lubricate the window tracks by spraying silicon.
  • Be acquired with the survival kits of winters: Preparing your car without the winter survival kits is worthless. Probably you may have some items in your garage, but they are not enough. You need a few other gadgets in the car during winters.

Car tools- ice scrape, torch, spare tire (to check tire air pressure), Jumpe leads, tow rope, a small shovel, road salt, etc.

Communication- Whistle, spare mobile phone charger, hazard warning triangle, high visibility vest, etc.

First aid- first aid kit, water, power bars, rain jacket, fleece blanket.


For other tips please check out our blog at We hope this blog gives you some important pointers to prepare your car for the winter season. Follow these important points and enjoy a safe ride during cold season. Your small investment on time and money can offer you a smooth and safe driving experience.

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