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Why your neighbour regularly visits Government Car Auctions?

The Government car auction is a popular place to visit for anyone who wants to get himself the best available used car and this includes the neighbor as well. These cars may have belonged to various other government departments or may have been on a contract with the state government before they were put up for auction. Cars which were being used by or belonged to various government bodies like ambulance services, hospitals, fire department, state governments, federal government, police service, defense departments or even other government departments like the universities and nonprofit organizations are put up for sale at the government auctions. Theses are usually in good condition and because of this the government car auctions are always popular for those who want to get the best deals in used cars.

The condition of the vehicles at the government auctions

As most government offices take pride in maintaining their vehicles well and keep them in almost brand new condition, most of these vehicles are well maintained. These vehicles have log books to show all the maintenance work that was done on them and the complete history is given here. The log books will be stamped and certified by the department which owned the car as proof of all that has been done for maintenance of the vehicle. Finally the car will be sold with a roadworthy certificate at the auction. As many of the cars are being replaced when they are still fairly new, they may still be under the warranty of the manufacturer also.

How do you locate these government auctions?

This is a fairly easy job and can be done while you are sitting at home after a days work too. A search for government auctions on the internet will bring up hundreds of auctions which are taking place, and you can select one which is in your vicinity to make it easier for you to access. Once you register with the auction site of your choice you will be given a comprehensive list of all the cars which are being put up for sale here, however, before you get down to bidding for a car you should do a bit of research on it.

Inspection of cars

Shortlist a few cars so that you have more options and do not just set your heart on one single car. Now that you know the cars which are of interest to you, go into deeper details like the history of the car, the make and model and the number of kilometers it has run and what it was being used for. This way you will have a rough idea of the condition of the car and its engine etc. The auctioneers permit genuine buyers who have registered with them to go and inspect the cars of their choice at the auction site.

If you know enough about cars you can go there yourself and check the car out, however, if you are not too sure of the mechanics of a car you can take along someone who has better knowledge and is an expert. The auctioneers will permit you to inspect the vehicle on the spot and even rev up the engine to check it out, but will not permit you to move the car from the site. However, this should be sufficient to get to know the condition of the car, and once you are satisfied you can opt to bid for it at the auction.

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