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Why Seized Vehicle Auctions?!?!?

Ever wondered how that neighbor is that much fortunate to have all those latest and popular auto models in his garage? Do you find yourself thinking about how that friend got his luxury car of the brand BMW or Mercedes? He might be that fortunate to own a latest luxury car from a seized vehicle auctions conducted by the government.  You too can get your dream ride for a dream bargain price for any of the latest auto models at trusted government auctions.

Where these cars come from:

Seized cars for sale are possessed by government and police department for number of reasons. As the name says these are vehicles seized by the authority from law breakers or criminals like tax evaders, drug dealers or even some members from crime syndicate. Police department and government authority recover cars and other vehicles during the law enforcements. Police car auctions also include cars and vehicles those are surplus autos for the government agencies like IRS, DEA, and FBI to name a few.  Fleet vehicles combine retired police cars and other vehicles for government services that are no longer needed to them or are replaced at regular periods.  Even banks and loan promoting institutions repossess automobiles from default customers who are unable to pay the loan.  All these vehicles make a good stock for the largest seized vehicle auctions, taking place regularly at various places.

Why they sell off?

Government agency such as GSA (Government Services Administration) conducts seized vehicle auctions because they want to sell off such a large stock to reduce maintenance cost  and to save money and storage space.  They want to sell it really fast, so they give deal with lowest prices. To retail prices for such a large vehicles will be too much work for them!

Take advantages of government auctions!

Seized vehicle auctions are real and reliable.  You can find cars with low mileage and in good shapes here. It is not necessary to think that seized cars for sale would be in bad condition just because they are cheap and used. But usually they are in such a good condition that those autos would be hot favorites and bidders will bid competitively at the auction for them. Starting bid will be only a few hundred dollars and the winning bid may exceed it by some hundred dollars more, but it is still a better and cheaper deal for a same used car found at any of the car dealership.

Not many people are aware of such government auctions, and most of the times car dealers grab the opportunity to buy these top quality cars at lowest rate, which then they sale for a huge profit. Now with little more awareness, people like you and me can take advantage of bidding at seized vehicle auctions.  In these police car auctions you find access to huge listings of cars with VIN number to find out its history. All these are found at bargain price in a wholesale auction environment!

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