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Why Go To Franklin County Govt Auto Auctions In Ohio?

Residents of Ohio and the surrounding area are afforded an excellent opportunity to attend Franklin County government auto auctions.  These auctions offer an excellent opportunity to save money on a reliable, quality used vehicle.  While these auctions are similar to any other government auction in a variety of ways, Franklin County does feature a handful of factors which make it a unique opportunity.

Low Prices

The first reason people attend Franklin County government auto auctions in Ohio are because of the prices.  As with all government auctions, the average purchase price of a vehicle as well below market value.  In many cases, the winning bidder pays 30 percent to 70 percent less than they would at a used car dealership for the same vehicle.  Additionally, the listings are exceptionally large which ensures bidders have a lot of options.  As with any auction, the more options available, the lower the prices.  This is because more options necessarily mean bidders do not have to run up the price on a particular vehicle when so many similar units are also available.

Complete Vehicle History

Another benefit of attending Franklin County government auto auctions in Ohio is vehicle history.  Nearly every government, at all levels, across the country dictate how a vehicle must be maintained.  What makes Franklin County unique is it has noticeably stricter maintenance repair standards than many other areas of the country.  Additionally, it has an excellent track record of documenting each repair and maintenance session.  By consistently having access to a complete vehicle history, bidders can feel much safer and secure every time they bid.  Since they have access to the complete vehicle history and maintenance records, it is easy to see which vehicles have historically been reliable and which ones have been well maintained.  This eliminates much of the risk associated with attending auto auctions.

Huge Listings

An overlooked benefit of attending Franklin County government auto auctions is the size of the listing.  Columbus is the County seat of Franklin County as well as the state capital.  This means Franklin County government auto auctions will often include vehicles from both the city, county, and state level.  Plus, these vehicles come from all branches and departments of each level of government.  As a result, the auction listings are typically much larger than other government auctions in the surrounding areas.  Plus, Columbus is part of the eighth largest Metro statistical area in the country.  In order to manage the infrastructure to support such a large Metropolitan area, the city and county must maintain an extremely large fleet of vehicles.  To maintain such a large fleet, local governments purchase more vehicles annually than the surrounding areas.

Easy Access with Online Auctions

Franklin County was one of the first levels of government in Ohio to fully embrace online auctions.  They did this to reduce overhead as well as make it easier for residents to access the auction.  Since then, a number of popular and reputable online auto auction websites have joined in.  This makes accessing Franklin County auto auctions easier than ever.  Plus, many of the most reputable online auto auction websites provide users with a full suite of tools to make finding the perfect vehicle a snap.

Popular with the GSA

The final reason Franklin County is an ideal spot to attend government auto auctions is because it is popular with the GSA.  The GSA is the federal government’s department responsible for amassing and distributing government fleet vehicles.  Since Franklin County consistently sells a majority of the vehicle offered on each listing, the GSA sends them a larger percentage of cars than other surrounding areas.  This further increases the size of the listing and makes it easier to take advantage of low prices on quality used cars.

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