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Why Buying From Seized Car Auctions Is A Good Idea

If you are on the lookout for a good used car and are planning to buy one from a used car dealer, then think again. There are a number of other ways in which you can buy a great used car at very good prices. And the best place for buying a used car is a government or a seized car auction and not a dealer or a used car showroom. Every month, government agencies like the U.S. Customs Service, Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Small Business Administration, U.S. Bankruptcy Court, U.S. Department Of Defense, U.S. Marshals Service (USMS) and the U.S. Department Of The Treasury seize the properties of criminals, conmen, loan, tax and mortgage defaulters etcetera. These agencies end up seizing not just cars but real estate, boats and other valuables which are then auctioned off to the general public. In most cases, the motive behind the auctioning of this seized property is not to make profit but instead to get rid of the inventory of seized goods as soon as possible. This is especially true in the cases of property seized by the police and the defense services.

Since most government agencies deal with people from different strata of society, the variety of cars available at seized car auctions is also quite huge and varied. So no matter what you are looking for- be it a compact, a three box or an SUV, chances are that you should be able to find something that suits your needs at a seized car auction. If you have never been to a seized car auction before, then you should definitely go and check one out. Some of the main reasons why buying from a seized car auction is a good idea are:

Seized car auctions give you the best prices possible. As has been mentioned earlier also, the main motive behind auctions held by most government agencies is not to make profit but to get rid of the inventory of seized goods which keeps piling up quite regularly. Therefore, most of these goods, especially cars are sold at prices which are just a fraction of their actual market price. In fact the bidding rate for a large number of vehicles starts at just about ten to twenty per cent of the real value of the vehicle. You can be sure that no dealer or private seller will ever offer you such a deal.
You do not get cheated at seized car auctions. At least in most cases, you do not. Many of the government agencies holding seized car auctions will provide you with either free or paid reports about the cars that are being auctioned. Even if the agency holding the auction does not provide reports, you will be given the VIN of all the cars being auctioned so that you can get your own report for the vehicles that you are interested in. Since the objective behind these auctions is not making the maximum money possible, you can be sure that you will not come up with cases of exchanged spares and odometer tampering, unless such a thing has been carried out by the owner before the car was seized.

You get the largest variety possible in seized car auctions. Most seized car auctions held by government agencies will give you a better choice than what any used car dealer or showroom will be able to offer you. This is especially true of you live in a large city or a city where government agencies are extremely active. So while you should easily be able to find common everyday car brands like Honda, Ford, GM, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Chrysler etcetera, you can also find at least some luxury car brands like Mercedes, Lexus, Acura and BMWs also being auctioned off in these sales.
Seized vehicle auctions are a lot of fun. There is a certain level of excitement that catches up with you when you get to see a large number of costly cars being auctioned off at dirt cheap prices. Add to this the opportunity to buy your own dream car at an unbelievably low price and you are all set to enjoy a day full of excitement and drama at a seized car auction. In fact, it is advised that you go and visit a couple of auctions in order to learn the tricks of the trade before bidding as a serious buyer. Even if you do not get to buy anything, you can enjoy attending an auction almost as much as watching your favorite game being played live.

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