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Why are Auto Auctions the Best Way to Buy a Car?

Buying a car at an auto auction allows a buyer to get a better deal for a used car than would probably have been possible if bought from a car dealer. Some car dealers will purchase cars from auto auctions and sell it a higher price. The consumer may not be able to get the same deal as the car dealer would at the same auto auction, but in most cases, will come away paying much less than buying it directly from the dealer.

There are many cars to choose from at the auto auction and some of them have unbelievable low prices. These auto auctions are located across the United States and most of them are open to the public. Bids usually start very low – as low as $100 dollars.

The inventory at these auctions result from government repossession of vehicles confiscated from drug criminals, from vehicles repossessed by the bank and from abandoned cars. It is not unlikely to find a Mercedes or Benz at these auctions for ridiculously low prices.

It is expensive to store these vehicles and that is why auctions are held to get rid of them. Therefore, because of the low starting bids for these cars, the auction attracts a lot of car dealers and people who are looking for cheaper cars.

Another reason for attending an auto auction to purchase a used car is that there are a lot of consumers who don’t know about these auctions because they are not highly publicized. This will allow you a better chance to get the car you want because there may not be that much competition to begin with.

Most auto auctions will allow you to test drive the vehicle and inspect it for any defects. Vehicles are sold “as is,” but the price could be well worth it. Even the cost to repair the car will still save you a lot of money compared to buying a new car or a dealer purchased car.

An auto auction gives you the luxury of owning a vehicle without having to worry about making monthly car payments and that is the primary reason why it is beneficial to shop for a car at an auction.

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