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Where to find great Auto Auction Deals?

Everyone interested in cars, must know about auto auctions and especially where and when they are held.  It is certainly not impossible to find some good deals, but it takes time and effort to find one.  Among the many places where one can look for a good auto auction where deals are available are, the internet (the best place where auctions are held 24/7); Yellow pages, that’s where one can look for addresses of people holding an auction in their hometown or neighborhood. And lastly, one can consult with the local city council or police for auto auctions.

Let’s examine all three options in detail; the latter option dealing with the local city council is by far the best, but since police and government auctions are not help very often it is somewhat hard to find a good deal. If you’re lucky enough to stumble upon one of these, then you’ll definitely get your hands on the best deal ever, cars sold for a fraction of their real price, here’s an example: a Mustang usually sells for $60,000 and more, you can find it for $10,000 or less at a police or government auction.  That is how good it can be, but here’s the thing, you don’t have to be lucky to find such good deals, you only have to ask for a calendar of events from the city council or the local police.

The second option, the yellow pages book that’s so heavy to handle, you might want to carry it for a while when you’re looking for someone’s address where they hold a lot of auction, it might also be handy if you want find where the closest auction house is located. Auction houses might not hold auto auctions very often, but they do anyway, so asking for their calendar will not hurt.

The last option, that is very flexible, is the internet. EBay and other popular websites can be very useful if all you want is a good used car for an affordable price. Start by searching EBay for local deals, if not, you would want to go further than that. Check your local dealership’s websites if they ever plan on organizing auto auctions in the near future.

There’s one last tip you should be aware of, if you need a car as soon as possible, then you should probably not waste your time looking for a good deal online or offline. The good thing to do is to plan ahead. If you ever need a car within a 3 to 6 month period, then that might be the right time to start your search for the good deal of your life.

 I hope you found those tips helpful, keep on checking our blog for new and exciting news and tips about auto auctions.

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