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Where can I get free online car auctions?

Online car auctions are gaining popularity in the present scenario when everybody is trying to buy cheap cars sitting at the comfort of the home. In live auctions, the bidders have to be physically present and place bids. This limited the number of bidders taking part in the used car auctions because people living in the city can only take part in the auctions. Police auctions receive much fewer bidders as not many people are aware of it. The way people view car auctions has changed compared to the past. Today, online auctions are the best places to look for cheap cars minimizing the efforts of the bidders.

Thousands of websites conduct online car auctions in which anybody living in any corner of the world can participate. You may be a reseller, a car dealer, or simply a buyer willing to buy cars at cheap prices. Free online car auctions allow any type of person to place bid. Highest bidder wins the auction and the car will be shipped to his address. The way auctions are held online is different from live auctions. The bidders can participate in the auction sitting at their home. Unlike live auctions, online car auctions keep the bid open for a few days to facilitate participation from many bidders.

Completely free online car auctions are difficult to find but if you are a buyer, you can find online auctions in which you can participate without paying any money. Most of the online auction sites charge the sellers to advertise their cars and allow buyers to bid on any car for free. Sometimes, you may have to pay some amount to the website if you win the bid. These websites which charge buyers provide a minimum guarantee for the auctioned cars.

Though the term free online car auctions is fascinating, you have to understand that you have to pay the shipping cost. When you decide the bid amount for your car, be sure to include the shipping cost. The cost of shipping will vary depending n your location. Inspecting the car in person is not possible of you use online auction services. The photo of auctioned car will be published in the website for your view. Other than the photographs, you will not be able to get much information about the car.

Once you won the bid, you are obliged to make full payment to ship the car to your address. Before accepting the shipment, you have to examine the car to ensure that it meets auction guidelines. If you feel that the auctioned car is different from shipped car, then you can return the shipment but shipment cost will not be refunded. When you use free online car auctions, you can bid at various places but be careful of fake bids. Some sellers would hire bidders to place higher bids to increase the value of the car artificially. Never place your bid with the only intention of winning the bid. Your main motivation behind participating in online car auctions should be to buy cheap cars in good condition.

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